Pepsi gets “PUNKED”

If you have ever watched Ashton Kutcher’s former MTV Hit Show “Punked” the hidden camera-practical joke reality television series, then you know exactly what Pepsi was up to in their latest viral video of an unsuspecting car salesman being “taken for a ride” literally by racecar driver Jeff Gordon. The video itself is hilarious as Gordon(dressed as a timid middle aged man) approaches a dealership salesman in order to take the Chevy Camaro off the lot for a test drive. What should be a usual trip around the block becomes the “Ride of his life” as Gordon pushes the speed limit and pushes his buttons all at the same time. The salesman reacts with what looks like utter shock, then relief at the end when he learns that it was Jeff Gordon driving all along. Were the emotions genuine? or was this guy an actor? Many are crying foul! But riding the so-called reality TV wave that’s become so popular is a win win for Pepsi with over 7 million views so far! Truly clever if you ask me!



Harlem Shake: Heat Style

The Harlem Shake has been all the craze over the past couple of weeks and you have probably seen at last one version.  It is incredible how such a simple concept can catch fire and spread so quickly online.


I thought about sharing some other versions here in this blog, but once I saw the Miami Heat do their version I felt compelled to share. Not only it is hysterical in its own right, it is just so amazing to see an organization like this have some fun with it. The group really lets you behind the curtain and allows you to get to know them a bit better. (even in this very strange format!)  For me it makes me like them better, even as a die hard Knicks Fan. Enjoy. 


The Girl Effect: A Global Issue

This viral video put out by The Girl Effect is so powerful. Their position as an organization is that “Adolescent girls are the most powerful force for change on the planet” and this video really tells the sad story for many girls around the planet in a very impactful way.

The point here is that we must pay attention and help young girls grow up to be women of purpose and substance. If we help them escape hardships such as early “forced” marriage, early childbirth and exposure to disease and the elements that we can empower generations of contributors to society. People who can change the world around them and help make this a better planet for us all.


Most of the readers of this blog are men and so is the writer of this entry.  That being said, I think this video really impacts us all and so i felt it was worth sharing.  It is kind of scary to think that there is such a negative future for so many people that we share the planet with, and hopefully we can come together to make change. This video is actually a bit old now, yet many of the problems still remain. We have made strides, but so much more is to be done.  Watch it here and share it with others!