If you are looking for a fun, scary and awe inspiring movie this Memorial Day weekend, look no further than the latest Gareth Edwards directed “Godzilla”(currently in theatres). The visual storytelling is fresh and the special effects are terrific, the acting…although subpar by some standards does little to take away from this 2014 version of the classic Green Lizard tale. What’s new with the Fire breathing Giant? The mysterious way the monsters are revealed and ofcourse , the King of Monsters himself! Without taking too much away from your moviegoing experience, the movie kicks off with the discovery of 2 MUTOS (Massive Unidentified Terrestiral Organism) and evidence that one has already escaped. Fast forward 15 years and the MUTO’s explode onto the screen with Godzilla ready to hunt them and ‘restore balance, although destroying the Bay area in the process. The movie is filmed to give the audience eye-level view of the events that take place. Its structure gives way to mystery for almost most of the movie, creating a buildup of events that eventually start to make sense…so don’t expect to see Godzilla for a while. Would I recommend seeing this film? Absolutely! It definitely won’t disappoint