How to Survive your Holiday Party Part II

It’s officially Office Holiday Party Season and if you have not yet engaged in this festive celebration  where you finally get to see Suzy from accounting let off some steam…be warned! There are actually holiday party rules that you MUST follow…unless you don’t mind earning that one way ticket to HR.   

How to Dress: Any ugly holiday sweater will do or rock a nice sport coat with a button down and tie. Ladies…a holiday party is no time to earn a raise…so wear something classy and leave the cleavage bearing tops for Pamela Anderson. SantaCon is over, so please don’t show up in a santa suit, otherwise you’re just going to make “come sit on Santa’s lap” jokes all night. Really, we’re saving you from yourself and lawsuits.

Occasionally grabbing passed appetizers as they come your way, and making — at most — two trips to that table with the cheese & crackers and weird fondue thing on it is acceptable, but ,hanging out at the entrance of the kitchen and packing up plates for your large family of 30 at home is definitely not cool. It’s an office party not an all you can eat buffet for goodness sakes.

It’s a party, and there’s drinks so it’s cool to throw back a few and maybe even take some celebratory shots. It’s even cool to get festive and make heartfelt promises to go to lunch with that weird guy from IT. However, don’t let your consumption of booze turn you from “festive to loose” where you start talking about your night with a midget stripper or your infatuation with your boss’s tush. Know when to stop or you’ll wake up with a mean hangover and a pink slip.

Have people never seen you do the Roger Rabbit, the Humpty hump, or the running man? Now is definitely the time to show off those hip hop dance lessons you took in middle school. Hilarious dancing is definitely appropriate but please stop short of grinding. We don’t care if  Bobby Brown’s “Humpin around” is playing…now is not the time to go highschool prom on anyone…and we mean anyone!

It’s okay to make small talk about cool things happening in the office, the latest Knicks trade, your eagerness to get started on a project you don’t really feel that eager to get started on. What you don’t want to do is  try to advocate for a raise or worse yet…don’t ever ever bring up your night with the midget stripper.

Follow these rules at your next Holiday party and you’re guaranteed to still have a job in the new year!


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