Fitness moves that are a waste of time tend to not look like anything we’d ever do in real life. Some weight machines are designed for isolating muscles for rehabilitation, especially for folks who aren’t strong enough to do a similar move while standing, But,  the most efficient and functional moves use multiple muscles and look like stuff we do every day.

The moves below are not the best choices for most of us who want to burn fat, tone muscle, or look great for the summer with not a lot of time in our day to sacrifice.

Here’s a few work-outs you can ditch in 2014:


They’re overrated and useless because we have four sets of abdominal muscles and crunches only work only one set, and not through full range of motion. You’ll need to do tens of thousands of them to even begin to burn some of the fat that covers them. A more effective ab exercise would be planks. Do a couple of sets each day and you’ll see a difference in no time.

Inner-Thigh Squeezes

In addition to looking and feeling like you’re at the OB/GYN’s office, the thigh abduction machine really serves no purpose and isolate little muscles to save time, work big and small leg muscles together by doing “walking lunges” which will help build better bones and allow your stabilizers to do what they do in concert with your heavy-hitting quads and hamstrings.

Walking With Hand Weights

Stop it. You may get negligible caloric burn gains, but you risk jacking up your gait, your shoulders and your back. Simply walk faster, farther or use the stairs. Wearing a weight vest or a backpack is a safer bet as carrying weight closer to your center of gravity is safter(unless you suffer from back problems)

Biceps Curls

Another little muscle working in isolation. Do “ease downs” instead which is half a pushup. It will get your arms into better shape if your form is tight.


Stretching Before a Workout or When You’re Sore

Stretching isn’t a warm up. Stretching before exercise has been the standard for years, but better research shows that stretching a cold muscle can be ineffective, at best, and dangerous at worst. Stretchers’ muscles can get too slack and be weaker than unstretched muscles and although they may feel good, may exacerbate the microtears in muscles. Do this instead : Warm up your muscles by doing a slow walk or jog which is better than static stretches. Save your stretches for after your workout and it will improve circulation to help the muscles repair themselves.



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