Tips on How to Survive Your Company Party!

Okay – so it’s that time of year that we should be happy about going to parties and spreading the cheer.  BUT then again, it’s with our co-workers and bosses!

Scary ground here – have a drink, let loose, have some fun; but not too much because the rumors will be flying around tomorrow!  So, here’s a list to help you have fun, but not get fired!

Two Drink Maximum – Yes, really.  We know this is not what you want to hear – especially if there’s an open bar – drinks are free flowing and shots are being tossed down.  But one shot will lead to another and trust me, bad things will happen!  Save this for when you’re out with your boys (or girls).

Show Up to Work the Next Day – Company parties always end up on a weekday.  Keeps costs down.  So if you listen to Rule One, then this Rule should be no problem.  But if you choose to not listen to Rule One, just suck it up!  Bosses look for who isn’t showing up the next day.  Plus, gives everyone the opportunity to talk about how drunk you were the night before!

Pig Out – This you can do.  If you’re not drinking, you’re going to feel deprived.  So make it up at the buffet table.  Overindulge.  Everyone else is probably getting drunk anyway – so no one is going to notice how many times you go back for more.  Desserts usually rock at these parties!

Dress Up – Come on guys – you can put on a jacket or at least a nice button down.  And ladies, please NO Christmas Sweaters, or those dangle mistletoe or bell earrings!  Classy with a little sex thrown in always looks good!

No Kissing – Again – if we listen to Rule One, this rule should be easy to follow.  Remember when you don’t listen to Rule One, usually you love everyone, and this happens.  Not good!  Especially if the boss’s wife is there!

 “Social”media-ize  – If everyone listens to these rules, there should be no problem – but we know people can’t help themselves and will be doing some crazy things!  So what to do ….. A little Instagram can make things interesting!  Pop it up on Facebook and Tag Them!  It actually may help them in the morning to remember what happened at the party!

No Work Talk – Whether you do or don’t – at least act like you have a life outside of the office!  Talk about anything but work!  And when you’re around the bosses, ask about the kids, their parents, their spouses – anything to get them talking.  They’ll think you really care.  What a guy!  So when it comes time for department cutbacks, they just may feel a little bad letting go of someone the really like!  Always plan ahead.


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