Damian Lillard has been an absolute menace late in games throughout his career, so it’s no surprise that he holds the title for making 2013’s best buzzer beater…atleast in my opinion.

On Sunday December 15th, Lillard hit a game-winning 3-pointer at the buzzer to lead the Trail Blazers over the Pistons. He repeated his heroics the following Tuesday night, as he pulled up to drain a 3 practically from half court… which at first seemed like a horribly conceived possession yet magically turned into a brilliant shot selection as soon as the ball trickled through the net to knock down the Cavaliers, 119-116. Check out the amazing shot here:




2013 Top Ten TV Shows

We all have our favorites, and we can all agree that 2013 had been a good year for TV.  But did your favorite make the list.  According to US Weekly’s TV critic John Griffith, here is his round up of the top 10 TV Shows of the year.

10.  Bates Motel  (A&E) Awesome Psycho prequel

9.  Behind the Candelabra  (HBO) Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon playing his drugged-out boy toy, were definitely TV’s couple of the year.

8.  The Walking Dead  (AMC) Zombie Drama – enough said!

7.  House of Cards  (Netflix) Kevin Spacey adept turn as a sly congressman makes this drama bingworthy.

6.  30 Rock  Hope you didn’t miss the final season – where Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) found love!

5.  Scandal (ABC) Soapy Politcal Drama riveted with “What’s Next” chills.

4.  The Good Wife  (CBS) Badass lawyer Alica (Julianna Margulies) opting for power over friends giving this drama new sizzle.

3.  Orphan Black  (BBC America) The thriller’s Tatianna Maslany captivated as seven clones marked for death.

2.  Breaking Bad  (AMC) This season finally went out with an unflinching bang.

 1.  Mad Men  (AMC) This 60′s drama star, ad-man Don Draper (John Hamm) finally owned up to his shady past!





Fitness moves that are a waste of time tend to not look like anything we’d ever do in real life. Some weight machines are designed for isolating muscles for rehabilitation, especially for folks who aren’t strong enough to do a similar move while standing, But,  the most efficient and functional moves use multiple muscles and look like stuff we do every day.

The moves below are not the best choices for most of us who want to burn fat, tone muscle, or look great for the summer with not a lot of time in our day to sacrifice.

Here’s a few work-outs you can ditch in 2014:


They’re overrated and useless because we have four sets of abdominal muscles and crunches only work only one set, and not through full range of motion. You’ll need to do tens of thousands of them to even begin to burn some of the fat that covers them. A more effective ab exercise would be planks. Do a couple of sets each day and you’ll see a difference in no time.

Inner-Thigh Squeezes

In addition to looking and feeling like you’re at the OB/GYN’s office, the thigh abduction machine really serves no purpose and isolate little muscles to save time, work big and small leg muscles together by doing “walking lunges” which will help build better bones and allow your stabilizers to do what they do in concert with your heavy-hitting quads and hamstrings.

Walking With Hand Weights

Stop it. You may get negligible caloric burn gains, but you risk jacking up your gait, your shoulders and your back. Simply walk faster, farther or use the stairs. Wearing a weight vest or a backpack is a safer bet as carrying weight closer to your center of gravity is safter(unless you suffer from back problems)

Biceps Curls

Another little muscle working in isolation. Do “ease downs” instead which is half a pushup. It will get your arms into better shape if your form is tight.


Stretching Before a Workout or When You’re Sore

Stretching isn’t a warm up. Stretching before exercise has been the standard for years, but better research shows that stretching a cold muscle can be ineffective, at best, and dangerous at worst. Stretchers’ muscles can get too slack and be weaker than unstretched muscles and although they may feel good, may exacerbate the microtears in muscles. Do this instead : Warm up your muscles by doing a slow walk or jog which is better than static stretches. Save your stretches for after your workout and it will improve circulation to help the muscles repair themselves.




Men’s boots have come a long way since hoedowns and hiking. From Chelseas to chukkas, there’s a whole wide world of options out there to play up your favorite outfit.
The Chelsea Boot
Characterized by ankle-high height, a close fit and, most notably, no laces… the Chelsea boot employs an elastic panel known as goring, which allows the shoe to stretch when taking it on or off. The shoe first came about during the Victorian era as a riding boot praised for its convenience and later re-emerged with the Beatles in the 60’s.
How to wear them: More refined varieties with dress shoe soles are making a comeback which can be perfectly paired with a slim fit suit. We think its proof positive that suits and boots can live in perfect harmony. We recommend pairing a slim fit navy suit with brown Chelsea boots, like the one pictured here:The Chelsea Zip from
The Chukka Boot
The chukka is also known for hovering in the ankle area. This boot comes with two to three eyelets of lacing and is often outfitted in suede. In the 1940s, chukkas popped up as part of a trend toward casual dressing, and by 1950, the British brand Clarks had invented its iconic desert boots, solidifying the style’s spot in shoe history.
How to wear them: It only takes a solid Oxford shirt and straight-leg jeans with a single cuff that gently covers the Chukka boot(like the one pictured below) to do these shoes justice.

The Chukka from
The Hiking Boot
Hiking boots vary widely in appearance, but generally has a relatively rigid structure that provides support for the ankle without restricting movement. The first hiking boots were likely birthed in the 1870s during the emergence of mountain climbing as a sport in Europe. The shoe has now evolved into the all-purpose outdoor recreation hiking boot we recognize today.
How to wear them: Fortunately, there are now more refined kinds that retain the function and feel of the original without the need for a fleece and a flashlight. Our take is best worn with rolled corduroys (a single cuff will do) and a shawl collar cardigan or fitted Fair Isle sweater.The Lugz Bowery at
The Motorcycle Boot
The height ranges from above the ankle to below the knee, but all motorcycle boots boast a low heel in order to aid in putting the pedal to the metal so to say as well as heavy-duty leather for protection against an unplanned meeting with the pavement. Biking boots are speculated to have surfaced during the Depression era when the Chippewa Shoe Company developed a boot based on those used for equestrian sports in England.
How to wear them: These days, you can flaunt a pair without it coming off like a costume. Toss them on in your downtime with a pair of black jeans, a relaxed-fit pocket tee and, of course, a leather jacket. The Fort at
The Military Boot
Military boots were designed with one goal in mind: to shield you from an unfriendly environment. As a result, combat boots run the gamut from ankle-high to under-the-knee, and are typically made from technical materials. The first boots for battle were worn by the Assyrian army as early as 1000 BC but fast forward a few thousand years, and you’ll find them on the feet of everyone.
How to wear them: Donning dark denim (complete with a couple of cuffs or tucked directly into the boot), a vintage tee and a tailored peacoat with these boots will give your military look some edge.The  Country at
The Winter Boot
Cold weather boots range with styles from military-issue Kevlar lace-ups to suede and shearling-lined slip-ons. They all fit the foot snugly to help retain heat. The first waterproof winter boots made of deer skin and tree bark with bearskin soles are at least 53 centuries old but thankfully the material and structure has changed over the years.
How to wear them: The combination of materials/styles of the winter boot allows you to comfortably keep them on throughout the day with jeans, a thermal Henley and fitted puffer coat.The Ratchet found at



If you’re anything like me – you have go to be exhausted! I love this time of year, but too much to do for the Holidays.  The one thing I don’t have to worry about anymore is what boots to wear after abusing my feet with all the shopping I’ve been doing.

Ladies, check out this KIMI boot from Lugz – and Guys, how good would your Lady look wearing these with her leggings.  The studs just dress everything up.  And the fur lining is awesome.

If studs aren’t your thing, what about the MAHALA ..

I love the “sweater” look – plus it also has the fur lining!

So now that you’re done shopping for everyone else Ladies, time to take care of yourself!  Go to and check out the entire Ladies Line.




How to Survive your Holiday Party Part II

It’s officially Office Holiday Party Season and if you have not yet engaged in this festive celebration  where you finally get to see Suzy from accounting let off some steam…be warned! There are actually holiday party rules that you MUST follow…unless you don’t mind earning that one way ticket to HR.   

How to Dress: Any ugly holiday sweater will do or rock a nice sport coat with a button down and tie. Ladies…a holiday party is no time to earn a raise…so wear something classy and leave the cleavage bearing tops for Pamela Anderson. SantaCon is over, so please don’t show up in a santa suit, otherwise you’re just going to make “come sit on Santa’s lap” jokes all night. Really, we’re saving you from yourself and lawsuits.

Occasionally grabbing passed appetizers as they come your way, and making — at most — two trips to that table with the cheese & crackers and weird fondue thing on it is acceptable, but ,hanging out at the entrance of the kitchen and packing up plates for your large family of 30 at home is definitely not cool. It’s an office party not an all you can eat buffet for goodness sakes.

It’s a party, and there’s drinks so it’s cool to throw back a few and maybe even take some celebratory shots. It’s even cool to get festive and make heartfelt promises to go to lunch with that weird guy from IT. However, don’t let your consumption of booze turn you from “festive to loose” where you start talking about your night with a midget stripper or your infatuation with your boss’s tush. Know when to stop or you’ll wake up with a mean hangover and a pink slip.

Have people never seen you do the Roger Rabbit, the Humpty hump, or the running man? Now is definitely the time to show off those hip hop dance lessons you took in middle school. Hilarious dancing is definitely appropriate but please stop short of grinding. We don’t care if  Bobby Brown’s “Humpin around” is playing…now is not the time to go highschool prom on anyone…and we mean anyone!

It’s okay to make small talk about cool things happening in the office, the latest Knicks trade, your eagerness to get started on a project you don’t really feel that eager to get started on. What you don’t want to do is  try to advocate for a raise or worse yet…don’t ever ever bring up your night with the midget stripper.

Follow these rules at your next Holiday party and you’re guaranteed to still have a job in the new year!


Tips on How to Survive Your Company Party!

Okay – so it’s that time of year that we should be happy about going to parties and spreading the cheer.  BUT then again, it’s with our co-workers and bosses!

Scary ground here – have a drink, let loose, have some fun; but not too much because the rumors will be flying around tomorrow!  So, here’s a list to help you have fun, but not get fired!

Two Drink Maximum – Yes, really.  We know this is not what you want to hear – especially if there’s an open bar – drinks are free flowing and shots are being tossed down.  But one shot will lead to another and trust me, bad things will happen!  Save this for when you’re out with your boys (or girls).

Show Up to Work the Next Day – Company parties always end up on a weekday.  Keeps costs down.  So if you listen to Rule One, then this Rule should be no problem.  But if you choose to not listen to Rule One, just suck it up!  Bosses look for who isn’t showing up the next day.  Plus, gives everyone the opportunity to talk about how drunk you were the night before!

Pig Out – This you can do.  If you’re not drinking, you’re going to feel deprived.  So make it up at the buffet table.  Overindulge.  Everyone else is probably getting drunk anyway – so no one is going to notice how many times you go back for more.  Desserts usually rock at these parties!

Dress Up – Come on guys – you can put on a jacket or at least a nice button down.  And ladies, please NO Christmas Sweaters, or those dangle mistletoe or bell earrings!  Classy with a little sex thrown in always looks good!

No Kissing – Again – if we listen to Rule One, this rule should be easy to follow.  Remember when you don’t listen to Rule One, usually you love everyone, and this happens.  Not good!  Especially if the boss’s wife is there!

 “Social”media-ize  – If everyone listens to these rules, there should be no problem – but we know people can’t help themselves and will be doing some crazy things!  So what to do ….. A little Instagram can make things interesting!  Pop it up on Facebook and Tag Them!  It actually may help them in the morning to remember what happened at the party!

No Work Talk – Whether you do or don’t – at least act like you have a life outside of the office!  Talk about anything but work!  And when you’re around the bosses, ask about the kids, their parents, their spouses – anything to get them talking.  They’ll think you really care.  What a guy!  So when it comes time for department cutbacks, they just may feel a little bad letting go of someone the really like!  Always plan ahead.


Unique Gift for the Wine Lover….

How cool is this – True Fabrications Gear Shift Wine Stopper.

This time of year gets us crazy looking for that “unique” gift.  I thought this was perfect for that wine collection or anyone that even drinks wine. And if they’re into Vintage Cars, you’ve hit a home run!  Crafted from metal, rubber, and polished cherry wood, it’ll fit most models from reds to whites.




Incase you were under a rock for the past week…there has been an absolute frenzy on itunes as Beyonce once again proved that she is the Queen by dropping an entire album, a single cohesive body of work on Friday the 13th(I guess Jason’s going to have to share the spotlight from now on). One of the main reason’s fans were downloading at the speed of light, was to be the first to gaze upon the 17 new videos that were included for each track. One may ask…why the surprise coming out party? Here’s what she had to say about doing it the old way: “I am bored with that. I feel like I’m able to speak directly to my fans. There’s so much that gets between the music, the artist and the fans. I felt like I didn’t want anybody to give that message when my record is coming out. I just want this to come out when it’s ready from me to my fans,” she continued.

As of Tuesday, Blue Ivy’s mama had sold more than 828,773 copies in the U.S, breaking the iTunes record to become the fastest-selling release in the history of the online music store. Check out her latest videos and let us know if you are feeling it:

Drunk in love(Explicit)




If you thought Kegal excercises were just for women, think again! According to experts, Kegel exercises can help strengthen the pubococcygeal muscle and other muscles of the pelvic diaphragm in men. The exercises are one of the most effective ways of controlling urinary and sexual incontinence naturally.

The first step in doing Kegel is locating your PC muscle. The PC muscle located from the pubic bone to the tail bone forms the floor of the pelvic cavity(that muscle you feel stopping the urine is the PC muscle)The basic exercise, which is squeezing your PC muscles as hard as you can, can be done anytime and anywhere. Do this for as long as you can before you feel your muscles getting tired. Eventually, with enough practice, you will be able to extend your play!