From the Halloween Files 2013: Celebrity winners

It’s almost the Night of the living dead and although there are tons of celebrity Halloween parties to be had before the Official Fright Night, we can’t help but think that these 2 outfits will take the cake for the best Halloween Costumes of 2013 even when it’s all said and done. Hugh Hefner and his wife showed us all who’s the original beetle juice pimp (sorry Robin)

and Serge Ibaka’s brilliant McDowell get-up inspired me to blow the dust off my VHS and watch Coming to America while eating a Big Mac!(He was that convincing) 

Tell us what you’ll be this year for Halloween and what you think about our 2 favorite costumes!


Rutgers Tribute to New Jersey

Hard to believe but it’s been 1 year since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast on October 29th,2012, causing over $50billion in damage including the deaths of over 117 people. With the State of New Jersey suffering some of the most severe damage and still working to recover from the storm…the Rutgers University football team will wear a special  helmet this week with the block R over black outline of the state of New Jersey to support Sandy relief, Rutgers head coach of the Scarlet Knights Kyle Flood announced.

Here’s a picture of the helmet courtesy of Rutgers Athletics:


The Trilogy

This coming Saturday Velasquez vs Do Santos 3 will take place in Houston at the Toyota Center. The stakes are even higher this time around because the battles are split, so this is the Rubber Match. But be clear this will not be the last time these titans meet inside the octagon. Both of them will stay atop the rankings and will always be one or two impressive wins from a title shot.

Quick Recap: The first fight ended in the first round after Cain gets clipped by an overhead right and Junior finishes the fight with ground and pound punches. The second fight is a five round ass kicking. Cain dominates the fight from the sound of the first bell.

So going into this fight Cain has the advantage because of how he won his fight. Junior is on record saying he over trained for the second fight and the third fight will be a repeat of the first.  Cain is on record saying he never wants to feel like he did when he lost the belt so he is going to go out and keep what is his. And if you watch the highlights of the second fight how could you question if Cain can do it again.




Built in weapons on the Hyundai Santa Fe?

Okay, so the title is pretty misleading but it caught your attention much like Hyundai caught looks at this year’s New York Comic Con. There’s been a lot of talk about Zombies lately and Hyundai made sure that they were ready just in-case the un-dead decided to stop by.

Hyundai invited fans to create their own zombie machine via The Walking Dead Chop Shop app and received an overwhelming response with more than 82,000 entries.  The winning vehicle was designed by Anson Kuo, and then transformed into a real machine by Southern California-based Galpin Auto Sports which was unveiled on Thursday evening, October 10th at the Jacob Javitz center which plans to be on display for  the duration of the show.

The exterior of Kuo’s Zombie Survival Machine includes knife blades, windows covered by razor wire, a crossbow, three machine guns, a samurai sword, aluminum armor and a muffler silencer. Because as we all know, you’ve got to be careful with the ammo when hoards of zombies are in hot pursuit and go about your way unnoticed. The Butt Kicking Zombie Santa Fe also allows space for extra passengers as well as weapons, supplies and all the other necessary items needed during a real zombie apocalypse.

Now don’t go strolling in to your Hyundai Dealer asking for the Zombie apocalypse package…this is just a concept car for those with wild imaginations.

Are you feeling it?


New Technology for Contact Sports : Checklight

According to the University of Pittsburgh’s Brain Trauma Research Center, over 300,000 sports-related concussions are reported around the United States each year due to the number of players suffering from residual concussive damage. Researchers at Reebok and the electronic company, MC10, have developed a head impact indictor called Checklight that has sensors used to determine the severity of hits to the head

Fitted with LED sensors, green, yellow, and red lights reveal how many head shots from which the player suffers as well as the severity of each hit A yellow flashing light indicates a moderate hit while a red light signifies a severe hit. The cap fits inside a players’ helmet(and can be worn without ) with the light on the back of the head exposed so medical staff, coaches, or referees can see the level of impact to a player’s head during gameplay it does not identify if a player has sustained a concussion however. This will allow coaches to pull players from a game to prevent further injury and diagnose if a player has a concussion.

“In the heat of a game, you might not respond to a hit if you’re in the zone and the crowd is cheering,” explained spokeswoman for MC10, Elyse Kabinoff. “But now with the light coming on, it signals to others that you need to get checked.”

Colts backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said this product is ideal for youth sports:”I’ve got kids who are playing football this year where it’s not a business. One thing I say to parents is that you can’t see every play. Even though there’s a coach out there, they’re not watching your kid every single play. The Checklight is an extra set of eyes for you on your child. The lights are in a spot where anyone can see it.”

Checklight is available to coaches and players at all levels for $149.99 and comes in different sizes to fit each player’s proportions. It’s proving to be an effective training tool in contact sports. What are your thoughts about this device?


One More Year!

The longest running scripted show in television history is renewed for one more year! Yes, we’re talking about The Simpsons.

Did you know that their first show premiered in 1989! Yep – last month they started their 25th season. And now we’re happy to report that they’ll be coming back for their 26th season.

Everyone has their favorite – maybe it’s Bart, or Homer, maybe Marge – just ask your friends and everyone will be fighting for their favorite Simpson. Maybe we need a few more years to pick just one!


Breaking your habit of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad will not only be remembered as a TV drama that went out on top — creatively, and in terms of popularity — but possibly as a game-changer for underdog TV shows. For the grand series finale Sunday night, Breaking Bad hit 10.3 million viewers, with a 5.2 rating among adults 18-49.Compared to the previous seasons, Breaking Bad viewership has skyrocketed an astounding 442 percent.

Some will naturally wonder if the show goofed in bringing the series to a close this year instead of extending the show to a few more years, like most hit dramas. Creator Vince Gilligan, countered: “I can’t even believe that the ratings have increased with each episode  It makes me think, through quite a bit of good luck being involved, we really did pick the right moment to exit the stage.”

It was a fitting ending as Crime didn’t pay and Walter lost just about everything, including his life. It wasn’t all for nothing as he so often feared, as he found a way to get his money to his children. He also save Jesse actually taking a bullet for him and even made up with his wife, Skyler after finally telling her the truth about the reason for cooking meth and becoming a drug lord.

Breaking Bad brilliantly tracked Walt’s transformation from teacher to criminal mastermind. The writers were determined to not leave unfinished business and almost every loose end was tied…well except for leaving the mystery of why the talented chemist turned his back on fame and fortune and became a humble high school chemistry teacher.  I guess Walter took that one with him to the grave.

Did you enjoy the Season Finale or felt it needed at least one more season?