J. Cole is running on all cylinders in his latest LP “Born Sinner” from the production to the lyrical flow and meaningful content . He returns to the essence of the artistry unlike his first album where he was in the pursuit of “making it big”. So often we see celebrities hoisted to a level where they are immune to imperfections and blemishes, but J. Cole accepts them by embodying the struggle of the common man — something we can all identify with on his sophomore album. On his latest attempt of redemption, J.Cole wholeheartedly admits to mistakes, confesses to giving into temptation, and questions his own motives. Through the fame and glamour, Cole aims to become more; to improve; to be better and It’s refreshing to hear real meaningful lyrics amongst all this noise. My vote: Definitely an album worth listening to.





Would this creep you out?

Imagine working in an art museum and being responsible to close up every night…when one night you take a look at an installation that is completely protected by glass…however…the installation has moved. You check the video to see if maybe one of the other employees might have made an adjustment but come across what seems to be some real spooked out (pardon my French)! That’s exactly what happened at the museum in Manchester where an ancient Egyptian statue known to be an offering to the God Osiris was captured on time lapse after doing a complete 180 rotation on its own, capturing the attention of the Museum’s Egyptologist after finding the relic facing away from museum goers. According to Mr. Price…the 10inch relic has been sitting on its display for almost 85 years and had never moved an inch. I personally believe its just the vibrations from the crowd as they walk by as it seems the statue stops moving after the lights go out. Other curators believe there is something more ominous going on…even going as far as saying it could be the “Curse of the Pharoah”. What do you make of it?


Based on a True Story: Which Film Characters Really Lived

You might find it hard to believe, but the following characters from famous flicks were based on real people. TotalFilm.com named 50 movies in which the art of acting really was a matter of imitating life. Here are my top five:

Ben Campbell from 21 (played by Jim Sturgess)

Campbell’s card-counting talents make the maths whizz a key player on an MIT blackjack team beating the casinos at their own game. The character was inspired by Jeff Ma, whose counting abilities on the MIT team during the 90’s were later turned into book, Bringing Down The House. The Difference?  Actor Sturgess is Irish, while Ma is Asian-American.

Norman Bates from Psycho (played by Anthony Perkins)

A gentle motel owner with a split personality, one which murders motel guests while dressed as Bate’s mother was based on infamous serial killer Ed Gein, the murderer whose main goal in life appears to have been to make a skin suit resembling his dead mother. The Difference?  Bates is actually a toned down version of the real thing. ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ and ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ were also inspired by Gein.

Raymond Babbitt from Rain Man (played by Dustin Hoffman)

The autistic savant whose recall powers are used by his crooked brother was inspired by a guy called Kim Peek, able to recall the contents of more than 12,000 books. The Difference? Peek’s condition is not autism but a genetic one called FG Syndrome.

Kit Carruthers from Badlands (played by Martin Sheen)  

The drifter who kills the father of a girl before leading her on a crime spree cross country was based on teen killer Charles Starkweather. The Difference? The gruesomeness of the reality was underplayed – Starkweather also strangled and stabbed the two year old stepsister of his accomplice.

Mick Taylor from Wolf Creek (played by John Jarratt)

The psychotic bushman in the Aussie outback who ‘exterminates’ foreign backpackers was based on a composite of Australian outback murderers, yet the film’s closeness to the real-life case of killer Bradley John Murdoch was deemed such that the movie release was delayed in Australia so not to prejudice Murdoch’s trial.


Lugz Lady: Serena Williams

We are starting a theme here at Lugz where we pay some well deserved respect to some of the amazing women out there who inspire us in some way.  It can be their looks, their skills or just their contribution to society, but there is just somehting about them that we just love.

We begin with arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, Serena Williams. Just this month she claimed her 16th Grand Slam title as she won her second French Open. What is more impressive is that she suffered a shocking first round defeat in this tournament just one year ago, leaving some experts questioning if she is perhaps past her prime.

She has a record of 74-3 since, with Wimbledon, US Open and French Open singles titles to her name. Add to that a Wimbledon doubles title, Olympic gold in singles and doubles, a year-end championship, a return to the world No. 1 ranking and a current 31-match winning streak, and there is no question who the overwhelming favorite is to win Wimbledon, the tournament Williams has already won five times.

She has been ranked Number 1 in singles by the Women’s Tennis Association six times and currently holds this top position. For her continued dominance in the sport and success in her entrepreneurial ventures, Serena Williams most certainly deserves some respect!



If you’re not familiar with the history of Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos…you should take a refresher course before October. What’s in October? One of the most highly anticipated MMA match-ups of 2013 at UFC 166.President Dana White announced the UFC’s return to Houston, Texas with the headliner being Cain Velasquez, as he defends his title once again against Junior dos Santos. This is the third meeting between the pair, with Cain regaining his title in a dominant 25 minute display in December 2012 after suffering his first career loss at the hands of dos Santos in 2011. This will be an incredible fight with the American Kickboxing Academy standout taking on the known power puncher/boxer “Cigano” to determine who will hold the belt into the year 2014. Stay tuned…


Jenny Mcarthy wants you to eat your Veggies!

No matter how young or old…there’s nothing enticing about eating vegetables. Its usually the last thing you leave on your plate hoping it will magically disappear and the first thing you substitute for soup when your waitress pops the question. Lets not even talk about fast food chains and their sub salad menu that consists of maybe 2 or 3 options written in tiny little font that you’d have to squint to figure out…I mean…why would fast food chains have salad anyway? I mean…who really associates healthy food with greasy burgers and fries? Well… with the recent push to curb obesity, fast food chains are adding more and more options to cater to the health conscious grubbers and Carl Jr’s decided to take it up a notch by scouting the lovely Miss Jenny McCarthy for their latest ad campaign asking you to “Forget youre eating salad”. I must say that Carl Jr’s nailed it with this one…because I have a strange urge to eat whatever she’s eating…or is it that she just really makes eating a salad look good? you be the judge.


Jay-Z Announces New Album

As Game 5 of The NBA Finals went to halftime the TV seemingly transformed from game cast into a behind the scenes look into the working world of Jay-Z. The commercial had a very cool vibe and was clearly not a traditional advertisement. It was a very different approach to a traditional marketing message.

We saw him working on beats with genius producers such as Rick Rubin, Timbaland and Pharrell and then he drops the name of his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, which is set to drop on July 4th.  The production was actually an ad for Samsung, but they used this awesome content collaboration and announcement as an amazing way to subliminally market their product.

The album will actually be released to Samsung Galaxy users first to those who download a mobile app. A great perk for Team Samsung users and a new way to differentiate in a very competitive mobile market.

The piece was very creative and very well done.  To watch the clip and read a bit more:




Big Software Updates to Make Your Apple Feel Like New

Apple Inc. execs are promising that its coming software upgrades will give iPhone and iPad users an entirely new user experience. Still hurting after losing visionary tech genius and company co-founder Steve Jobs in 2011, Apple’s higher ups are nonetheless confident the new developments will impress.

According to CEO Tim Cook, the iOS7 will be the biggest and most significant since the release of the original iPhone. It literally has hundreds of new features. So what’s worth mentioning? Well, for one thing, the new interface sees the iPhone, include an in-built flashlight. Can’t believe it took so long, to be honest but we’re glad to see it finally arrive.

Apps will also update automatically, while the new OS will also be better at multitasking. The best thing about this, is the extension of battery life that Apple claims will occur as a result. Hopefully this improvement will be significantly noticeable.

Those of us with iPhone 5’s or fourth generation iPads or iPad Minis will get to use Airdrop on our devices for the first time. It’s a handy feature that allows files to be sent easily from one Mac to another. Another brand new feature I’m eagerly looking forward to checking out is iTunesRadio. I’m wondering how this will compare to Spotify (hopefully it will be much better!).

The new iOS 7 will be available only to those with an iPhone 4 or newer and iPad 2 or newer, as well as the iPad Mini and fifth generation iPod Touch.


Source http://gma.yahoo.com/apple-ios-7-sleek-elegant-software-redesign-iphone-213921949–abc-news-money.htm




So many of you remember that Erick Sermon was our first endorser.  And over the years we’ve had many other great endorsers from the music world.  In more recent years, you probably remember Funk Master Flex and his collection of driving shoe, or Baby aka Birdman, with his sneaker “Birdman” or boot “Hoodrich”. 

But how many of you remember all the true legends of Hip Hop that have worked with us over the years?  Check out some of them below:

In Spring 1999,  From the mind and mouth of the man who considers himself Hip-Hop manifested as KRS-One, comes a ridiculously hot but still conscience radio spot. Where the teacher, scholar, and poet urges you to “wake up”.  Listen to the radio spot – http://www.lugz.com/history/1999/0/

KRS-1, also returned to his roots.  Here is another side of Kris many of you did not know. Check out this ill tag from hip-hop’s cultural ambassador. This was the first in a series of Lugz print ads that gave props to the origins and the essence of Hip- Hop.



Fall 1997
Hip Hop Pioneer Chubb Rock joins the Lugz Family in his first in a series of radio commercials.  You can listen here – http://www.lugz.com/history/1997/14/

He also decided to feature four different looks of Lugz on his Kill The Beef! Album Cover.

 Holiday 1997
Snoop Lion (back in 1997, he still went by the name of Snoop Doggy Dogg) did a series of print shoots for Lugz.  We absolutely love this one, and the story behind it.

Snoop couldn’t resist this little beauty of a car when he saw someone drive up to the convenience store he was in. He had to buy it on the spot!  Here he shows off his car, his Lugz and his great view of the mountains from his house.






Holiday 1997 Legendary Rakim shared a moment with us at the Museum for African Art, New York City.



Fall 1998
Dre and Big Boi represent for the ATL. 

What y’all really know about the Dirty South? Listen to this spot with Outkast and they just might tell you.  http://www.lugz.com/history/1998/17/




 Holiday 1998

De La Soul not only did a great radio spot for us, but did print along with music for our tv commercial.

You always know to expect something different from the Soul and that’s what you get from this spot. Maseo, Pos, and Dove put it down lovely.


Check out the History Section on Lugz.com to see all the great artists that we have been fortunate enough to work with over the last 20 years! 


Digital Imposition?

The clever people over at Sneakhype are always putting out great content that generally includes amazing photos. Sometimes it is of women, sometimes mother nature and usually it is just some really eye popping and cool ish.

Today they put out some funny images of this guy who likes to digitally superimpose himself into real pictures with celebrities.  He has a few with Rihanna, Drake, Beyonce and Jay-Z and even LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. While some of it is pretty stupid, I did find myself chucking at a few of these and I thought you would appreciate. So check em out!