“Spending” Time – A Look at the New Hublot “LaFerrari”

Hublot La Ferrari 4 This Watch Costs More than A Supercar. Because... Yeah.They say that “Time” is the most precious thing a person has and it seems watchmaker Hublot seconds that notion with its introduction of the “LaFerrari” masterpiece with a price tag of $300,000 USD. Now I personally haven’t owned a watch since the introduction of the Motorolla Startac Cellphone(Remember those) which conveniently gave me date and time…So although I’m in no position to gage the cost of a good time piece, I’m also positive that other wrist wearers have not yet evolved to paying for a watch the price of a 4 year ivy league education. ..at least not those of us who only need a watch to tell time. While this watch was clearly designed for those who have money to burn, the idea still begs the question “Who would really throw away $300k on a piece of plastic? Now clearly, this watch is not made of plastic…it’s made from black PVD titanium to be exact. It was also developed in technical and design terms entirely parallel with the car …Yeah…it’s like wearing the Ferrari on your hand.Hublot MP 05 LaFerrari watch This Watch Costs More than A Supercar. Because... Yeah. The watch is finely wrought in terms of shape, featuring a complex shaped sapphire crystal clearly reminiscent of the car’s outline, as well as an open case-back. The time-setting crown is positioned under the case and both are completely integrated into the design therefore practically invisible. Add to that the Hour/ minute/seconds anodized aluminum cylinders SuperLuminova indicators, suspended vertical Tourbillon and a whopping 50 day power reserve(Historical). This is the type of watch that would make James Bond Blush but even he may not be able to get his hands on one…with only a super-limited 50 being made. Is it impressive enough to warrant the price tag? I’m sure in someone’s eyes it does…otherwise it would not have passed the cutting room floor…but would I purchase one if I had the money to blow? I’ll take “No” for $200 Alex!


Movie Night “OBLIVION”

If you are down for an action movie this weekend…why not check out Tom Cruise’s latest flick “Oblivion”. In it, Cruise plays Jack Harper, a tough and self-reliant soldier in the late 21st century whose task is to monitor what remains of Earth prior to humanity’s evacuation (which is the result of a victorious but catastrophically destructive battle against alien invaders) and to supervise a fleet of pilotless drone craft which hunt down hostile scavengers that remain.

His immediate memory has been wiped in order to prevent hostile forces getting intel from him if captured, however Jack is plagued with weird mental images of a romantic encounter in pre-war New York. After finding a beautiful human survivor, Julia (played by Olga Kurylenko), she stirs intense memories which makes him realize that there is something amiss that the authorities are keeping from him. It’s definitely missing Tom’s sly humor if that’s what you love about him(think mission impossible) but it’s not a doozy either. If you are looking for a pre-summer blockbuster movie this weekend (at least that’s what it’s touted as) then grab a friend and head to the movies this weekend!


The Next LeBron James?

I generally hate and stay away from the hype of “The Next” great basketball player comparisons. I mean you remember how many “The Next Michael Jordans” there were who never did anything? But I came across this video of Seventh Woods today and I was pretty impressed.  Literal domination by this kid and oh yeah, look what number he is wearing!

High School domination is not really what MJ was known for, though I sure would like to see some of that video footage if it exists.  So the best comparison is LeBron James because he was seemingly a legend before he left for The NBA.  If you are a hoops fan I think you will dig this highlight reel.  Pretty legit!


From the Factory to your Feet

Shoes are a consumable aesthetic representation of culture, and its value as being a medium for communication transcends the leather, mesh, and rubber of which they are comprised. To many, footwear is purely of practical value, to others, the shoes we lace up display narratives of our past and present, it tells a story. But before the story lands on your feet…it begins in the mind of it’s maker…the creative designer. Let’s follow the Journey of a Lugz shoe as it goes from the factory to your feet.

The first stage of building a Lugz shoe is building a sample. This is where the designer takes his or her ideas…puts them on paper(literally) and then create a 3d rendering of it in a computer animated drawing(CAD) complete with specs. After sourcing out and selecting the materials of the shoe …the CAD is then sent out to be hand made. The sample is now born!

Now that the sample is created..it can now roll through two to six weeks of fit testing. At each stage we make adjustments based on the feedback and based on what we see in the shoes. After tackling any design issues…a “Confirmation Sample” is now ready to go.

At this sample stage we are done. We know the material, the color, the fit and the feel we will use to create the product. Typically this gets us to six months from production and delivery to retail. The only reason for this is to get the shoes right based on the testing.

From confirmation we go to one of the hardest parts of the shoe making process: commercialization. (creating additional molds to be graded to at least 11 sizes and many times a great deal more). So the idea is that the size 13 fits and feels as good on a size 13 foot as a sample size 9 does on a size 9 foot. Once that process is completed we can then get the ball rolling on creating the final product.

Believe it or not this is where the expertise lies…in the Factory. Sure, factories come a dime a dozen but finding one that has the expertise to replicate shoes over and over and over again with consistent quality is what counts. After all, you, the end consumer, expect that the size 10 you are trying on is exactly like the size 10 you’ve been wearing for the past three months. Every single one of your shoes is touched by as many as 40 people on a production line and the entire process is not done in one day. So the fact that from a confirmation sample the factory gets your size   10s right is downright amazing and that  is why selecting the right factory is important.

Finally at the end of the 18 month cycle the shoes land at retail and on your feet….where we hand the baton off for you to make memories in them. We literally celebrate when the product finally gets in your hands. Most of all we are hopeful that you can instantly give us some feedback — feedback that we can use to create the next version of that shoe which in turn is probably less than 18 months away from hitting retail shelves.


Clowning: Ryan Lochte

Since The Olympics Ryan Lochte has seemingly been everywhere from Miami to Vegas and at every great party scene in between.  Women love the guy for his looks (and objectively, he is a good looking dude) but it has been reported from multiple sources that he is a little bit slow.

Somehow he has landed himself his own reality show named “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” which premiers at 10PM tonight on E!  You can see a lot of information and some soundbites here.

What I find even funnier is this interview on a Philadelphia News Station that was put out on TMZ.com where The Anchors literally lose it in response to the answers given by Lochte.  This is just classic.  Enjoy!


New Film Alert: Man of Steel

Yes I am on a bit of a movie kick lately, but who can blame me?  Summer blockbuster season is approaching and it appears there will be some gems to check out in the coming months!

The latest trailer for the new Man of Steel Movie is looking very promising in my opinion.  Look, I am definitely not a major comic book movie guy, but I do love a good super hero flick!  The original Superman movie came out the year after I was born (yes i just dated myself) and it is a classic.  Although, watching it these days it is almost comical where special effects were then compared to now. These days movies like these are certainly more powerful! (Visually at least)

Even though I am much older and have young kids of my own I am still proud to go the theaters and experience films like this as if I were a kid again.  Maybe I will see you there!


The Spurs sign Tracy McGrady

2nd seed team in the west…the Spurs are on their way to battle it out in the NBA Playoffs, but with the release of Stephen Jackson and surgery to Boris Diaw they are in terrible need of an athletic player , effective passer and scorer. Introduce former NBA all-star Tracy McGrady(remember him?) who averaged 19.6 points, 5.6 rebounds, 4.4 assists and 1.21 steals in 32.7 minutes during his 15-year NBA career. McGrady who played this season for Qingdao in the Chinese Basketball Association with a 25 point game average/56percent shooting was offered a contract from the San Antonio Spurs to play for the rest of the season. Why Tracy McGrady? San Antonio is in dire need of a reliable play maker, plus McGrady brings passing to a team that loves to pass. And, if called upon, he can knock down the occassional shot. He has also gotten adept at posting smaller guards, which would allow the Spurs to use him as a third guard or alongside Manu Ginobili. Considering that he wasn’t on an NBA roster this season and waived after March 1, he is also playoff eligible.
Tracy McGrady has never won an NBA playoff series, despite leading the league in scoring twice during a pro career that started back in 1997.But even though he’s been out of the league completely this season, McGrady will get another chance to pursue that elusive second-round postseason appearance. Let’s go T-MAC!


RUSH- The Movie

The first trailers for the highly anticipated film Rush from Universal Pictures were finally released and the movie looks to be pretty epic.  Two time Academy Award winner, Ron Howard is at the helm of this fast paced racing movie that is based on a true story.

Up and comer Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame, is the lead character and he is he is up against his in movie rival Daniel Bruhl. The men are accompanied by the always sexy and spectacular Olivia Wilde and the Game of Thrones beauty, Natalie Dormer.  The movie sure seems like a “rush” (super cheesy I know) and I am definitely looking forward to seeing it.  Watch the trailer here!


Kobe Bryant…Can he comeback from this one?

Over the weekend, social media was abuzz to the sad news that the upcoming basketball playoff season would be missing #24… Kobe Bryant. In a very sad day of Basketball, Kobe Bryant received news that no star player wants to hear especially in his mid 30’s…he had ruptured his Achilles. To the average spectator of the Lakers vs Warriors game, the injury didn’t look too bad considering that Bryant got up, shot two free throws, and eventually limped off the court.

It all started in the 4th quarter with 3:08 minutes remaining. Bryant had played every minute of the game up to that point, scoring 32 points including a back to back 3 to tie the game with less than 4 minutes remaining. That’s when things took a turn for the worst, when Kobe, in his own words “made a move that he’s made a million times…and it just popped”. Bryant was not aware that a major injury had occurred and attempted to walk it off hoping the sensation would reappear…even asking Warriors’ Harrison Barnes if he had kicked him in the leg…hoping that’s all it was. When Barnes responded that he didn’t, Kobe then knew what had occurred. Following a timeout, Bryant went back into the game and hit both of his free throw attempts with the injury to end his night with 34 points, five rebounds and four assists before heading to the locker room.

Talks have now focused on the future of Kobe Bryant especially with him being out for the rest of the season. With the loss of such a high level player who averages more points than most players in their prime (over 25 points a game) and the star player who carries his team on his back…it’s no wonder his hall of fame is now in question.

NBA players have returned from Achilles injuries in the past, with Dominique Wilkins, Elton Brand, and Chauncey Billups as its most recent notable examples, but none of these players returned to anywhere near their pre-injury level. Isaiah Thomas for example, at around the same age as Bryant, retired due to an Achilles tear. So is this the end of Kobe Bryant? I highly doubt it..this is infact Kobe Bryant we are talking about…the man who gave Los Angeles Laker fans something to lean on and who confidently quipped in his facebook rant posted that same night ““One day, the beginning of a new career journey will commence. Today is NOT that day.“If you see me in a fight with a bear, prey for the bear”. Ive always loved that quote. Thats “mamba mentality” we don’t quit, we don’t cower, we don’t run. We endure and conquer.”


Jay Z pens an “Open Letter” to his critics

When Jay Z tunes in to CNN to find out that the controversy over his trip to Cuba was the lead story over an international crisis like the North Korea Political Threat…he gets mad! But how does he get even? He teams up with Beat Slayers like Swizz Beats and Timbaland and records an impromptu song at 9pm on Wednesday night in New York City and calls it his “Open Letter”. Lately, Jay Z has been surrounded by rumors and controversies from his recent trip with his wife Beyonce to Havana Cuba, to his stake value in the Brooklyn Net’s now that he’s selling his share to gain his sports agency accreditation.
In his rebuttal song, the self-proclaimed “Bob Dylan of rap music” slams his critics and diffuses all talks about him abandoning the Brooklyn nets:

“Y’all buy that expletive. Y’all better keep y’all receipt.
Obama said chill you gonna get me impeached, You don’t need this expletive anyway. You can chill with me on the beach.Would have brought the Nets to Brooklyn for free. Except I made millions off you expletive dweebs.
I still own the building. I’m still keeping my seat…”
(Warning: This audio clip contains language that may be offensive to some listeners.)
Listen HERE: