I can understand why many of you out there loathed the first G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra but luckily for you, you can go into this one pretending it never even happened. Channing Tatum returns as Duke and although it does carryover a few basic elements from the previous film, director John M. Chu’s vision feels like a breath of fresh air with the result being hugely entertaining.

The film has two main plots which eventually merge for one final action sequence. The first involves Zartan posing as the U.S. President as he attempts to eliminate all of the Joes and make the world bow before Cobra Commander. Roadblock (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) and a couple others survive the attack and attempt to figure out what’s really going on. Meanwhile, the second plot is loosely based on the classic and popular ‘Silent Interlude‘ tale which involves lots and lots of ninja awesomeness.

One of the many complaints people had with Rise of the Cobra was Tatum’s robot acting, but he has great chemistry with Dwayne in this film and the two have some legitimately hysterical interactions. The “Rock” manages to bring the perfect mesh of charisma and badassery to Roadblock. Additionally, all of the supporting cast (Bruce Willis, D.J. Cotrona, Adrianne Palicki, Byung-hun Lee, Jonathan Pryce, Walton Goggins) do an able job with their roles as well. The movie as a whole is packed with tons of solid comedy and while Retaliation is sure to keep you laughing, the real highlight is the incredible amount of over the top action. There’s just about everything a Joe fan could love here. The 3D tends to be hit or miss but if you have a few extra bucks to spare…why not? The main narrative is a complete mess at times and there are some cringe worthy lines here and there, but overall G.I. Joe: Retaliation is a ridiculously entertaining ride.

G.I. Joe Retaliation opens tonight! Thursday 3.28.2013. So grab a few friends and make this a movie night!


An Unfortunate Name

It’s only Monday, but someone is having the “Worst Week Ever”…or should we say “Funniest Moment Ever” in T.V. While most of us were glued to the NCAA tournament this weekend, Danny Mainus( An MMA Fighter currently competing in the Resurrection Fighting Alliance)  competed in the opening matchup against bantam weight fighter Zac Chavez. The funny thing is…Danny was’nt the only thing being thrown around on the mat…so was his last name! See his last name is ”Mainus”… which inspired some of the funniest play-by-play you’ll ever hear, courtesy of Australian commentator Michael Schiavello, who constantly pronounced the fighter’s name as “My Anus”—meaning we get lines like “My anus is bleeding!” “My anus is relaxed!” and “My anus is in a bit of pain here!”. If that’s not enough to send you in a rolling pit of laughter, maybe the visuals will! Check it out:




Camping in Style

In New York it doesn’t quite feel like it, but Spring has officially sprung. So it’s time to start thinking about spending some time in the great outdoors. And what better way to do that than going on a camping trip in one of these out of the ordinary tents?

Fieldcandy blings out their tents with surprising artwork done by talented designers.

Fieldcandy’s ‘By the Light of the Fire’ tent

Or perhaps you prefer floating in The Cocoon Tree.

The Cocoon Tree

But if what you are really looking for is something that is easy to set up, Heimplanet has you covered with their inflatable model, ‘The Cave.’

The Cave by Heimplanet


March Madness is HERE!

Hi-res-163466314_crop_exact“March Madness” is here and with no clear cut No. 1…we are all wondering…Who’s going to take it? Most of the top teams have endured at least one letdown game, from Indiana to Kansas to Miami to Duke. This could be one of the most unpredictable tournaments in recent memory.

From what we saw during the season, Indiana may have the most talent overall, but the Hoosiers have also lost three of their past six games headed into March Madness. So who will make the final four?

Here is a quick look at the general schedule for the 2013 NCAA Tournament, including who will be hosting and where the games will be played. At least one game in the second and third rounds is yet to be determined.

First Four: Tuesday and Wednesday, March 19 and 20

–University of Dayton Arena, Dayton, OH – Host: University of Dayton

North Carolina A&T vs. Liberty
Middle Tennessee vs. St. Mary’s
Boise State vs. LaSalle
LIU-Brooklyn vs. James Madison

Second and Third Rounds: Thursday and Saturday, March 21 and 23

- Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI – Host: Oakland University

Memphis vs. TBD
Valparaiso vs. Michigan State
Akron vs. Virginia Commonwealth
South Dakota State vs. Michigan

- Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY – Host: University of Kentucky

Louisville vs. TBD
Missouri vs. Colorado State
Marquette vs. Davidson
Bucknell vs. Butler

- Energy Solutions Arena, Salt Lake City, UT – Host: University of Utah

Southern vs. Gonzaga
Wichita State vs. Pittsburgh
Harvard vs. New Mexico
Belmont vs. Arizona


Game of Thrones: Season 3

Game of Thrones is coming back on the air in two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited.  After an epic Season 1, the hit show from HBO came back with a vengeance in Season 2 with new story lines and crazy plot twists and turns.

This season looks to be even more intense and they have even added zombies to the equation. Should be very interesting to see how that all plays out.  Watch the extended Season 3 Trailer here:



Just when you thought Apple had the upper-hand in the smartphone world…Samsung delivers yet another strong contender. The New Samsung Galaxy S4 is out to put a world of hurt on Apple’s iPhone with one of its coolest feature being a truly “Hands Free” control.  This feature available on its latest model, allows the user to maneuver apps by hovering their fingers an inch above them (without touching the screen), something the “germaphobes” would appreciate. The company also unveiled an advanced 13-megapixel camera and a feature that pauses video when the user takes his eyes off the display as well as a Dual-shot mode which allows users to take still photos or video using the 13-megapixel rear lens and the front-facing 2-megapixel lens so that the shooter’s face appears in the frame. Another cool mode lets you record a voice or ambient sound that plays over a still photo, while “Drama shot” takes a multitude of frames in just a few seconds to create artsy composite photos. If you hate those annoying photo-bombers…Samsungs’ got you again with its new “eraser” feature that lets you delete background objects/people from a photo with a swipe of a finger!

 It seems Samsung’s chief concern was including a myriad of camera features or expansion of existing ones considering that users are heavy into photo-sharing sites like Instagram,Facebook and Pintrest. With that said the S4 is complex, revolutionary and visually appealing but can be very overwhelming for some. I believe the S4 will certainly sell well and it is incrementally negative for Apple but my main question about this phone is: Can it still make phone calls? (I kid…I kid)

Will you be trading in your iPhone for the new Galaxy S IV? Sound off!


Spring Breakers

With Spring Break in full swing at colleges across the nation it was only fitting to launch this highly anticipated movie today.  Spring Breakers follows four college girls who land in jail after robbing a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation.  The girls are bailed out by a local drug and arms dealer, played by James Franco who in turn wants them to do some of his “dirty work.”

The girls played by Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine are some racy young co-eds and these roles seem to be a big step outside of the box for these young and presumed innocent actresses.  This does not look very Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to me! The film seems to offer a truly authentic depiction of what really goes on at some of these crazy college spring break destinations. Parents, you might want to cover your daughter’s eyes.

WATCH THE TRAILER HERE and let me know what you think!



Pepsi gets “PUNKED”

If you have ever watched Ashton Kutcher’s former MTV Hit Show “Punked” the hidden camera-practical joke reality television series, then you know exactly what Pepsi was up to in their latest viral video of an unsuspecting car salesman being “taken for a ride” literally by racecar driver Jeff Gordon. The video itself is hilarious as Gordon(dressed as a timid middle aged man) approaches a dealership salesman in order to take the Chevy Camaro off the lot for a test drive. What should be a usual trip around the block becomes the “Ride of his life” as Gordon pushes the speed limit and pushes his buttons all at the same time. The salesman reacts with what looks like utter shock, then relief at the end when he learns that it was Jeff Gordon driving all along. Were the emotions genuine? or was this guy an actor? Many are crying foul! But riding the so-called reality TV wave that’s become so popular is a win win for Pepsi with over 7 million views so far! Truly clever if you ask me!




Who remembers the animated series that Lugz was a part of – way back in 2000?

FORTY AND SHORTY! If this hasn’t jogged your memory…let’s re-introduce them:

Forty and Shorty were two 13-year old misfit friends, one black and one white, who lived across the street from each other. One in the ghetto and the other in a trailer park. Week to week on this animated webisode, you witnessed their adventures and were introduced to “unique” family members.

This was a great project to be a part of. We got to work with the amazing actor/producer Claude Brooks, who Co-Created and Executive Produced the web series as well as being the voice of Forty!


Yes, Forty is rocking his Lugz!



Best Dunk This Year

This week there have been some dunks from The NBA floating around that are super nasty. The two notables are from Deandre Jordan of the LA Clippers and Harrison Barnes  of The Golden State Warriors.

If you watch them side by side on YouTube it is hard to choose which is better. Just when you decide, you watch the other playback and you switch camps.  Regardless they are both really pretty incredible and so I decided to provide them here for you to enjoy.  Which do you prefer?