In our 20th year celebrating Lugz, we have to look back to the great endorsers we have had over the years, an unbelievable list of great artists. Lugz actually was one of the first brands that promoted Hip Hop Artists. For those of you who have followed Lugz – you know this great list kicked off with the Green Eyed Bandit himself – Erick Sermon…the “E” in EPMD.

(Trivia Question – how many of you followed EPMD to remember what that stands for?)

We started working with Erick the same way we have worked with all of our Hip Hop Endorsers – they wore Lugz, they liked Lugz – so they endorsed Lugz.  Erick would come up to our offices, with a few of his Def Squad boys – yes, this included Redman and Keith Murray who later on joined the list of Lugz Endorsers.  He’d sit and pick out what he liked – and of course he’d want to “re-design” and change what he didn’t.

The day of the shoot, he put on his Lugz Boots, his Lugz Apparel and we headed out to Brooklyn.  8 hours later, several changes, we came out with some dope print ads.   Everyone was listening to radio back then – so Erick also did some cool radio spots for Lugz. We did most of our photo shoots on the streets – we were Built for the Streets back in 1993 and we are still Built for the Streets 20 years later in 2013.

By the way – the trivia answer is “Erick and Parrish Making Dollars”.


Entourage The Movie!

So after a lot of rumors swirling around Hollywood it appears that there definitely will be an Entourage movie. The HBO show which ran for 8 solid years was one of the best shows ever put out on the network.  It was so popular among various age groups and resonated with both the male and female audience.  Warner Bros has picked up the movie and the screenplay was written by the show’s creator Doug Ellin.

This is great news for mega fans like me who always loved the show, but never liked how short each episode was.  Now we will get a full feature length dose!  There are no definite dates as of yet, but at least for now for know that it WILL be happening!


GOOGLE GOGGLES | Project Glass


If you’re wondering what’s next on the tech radar…you may not have to look further than your nose. The Google team has been working on “Project Glass” which is an eyeglass-like frame that essentially replaces your smart phone with a futuristic hands free device bringing the internet to a small screen above the right eye. This project is not a prop, it’s not a joke, it’s the real deal.

Project Glass aims to design and refine augmented reality technology to help the user explore and share their world armed with a wealth of relevant information, not at their fingertips, but rather at their focal length.  How does it work? Instead of interrupting your activities to use a smartphone to search for information – get directions, remain in touch, find out if an item is on sale, translate a tourist’s note evaluating a restaurant, and the like – Google’s Project Glass intends to provide glasses with real-time heads-up displays and intelligent personal assistant software to enable a seamless user experience. Suri doesn’t stand a chance if the team at Google+ can clean this up for a consumer release sometime this year.  Would you purchase one of these? Check out this demonstration video to see what it’s all about:


Rajon Rondo Tears ACL

There was some bad news in Boston yesterday despite The Celtics double overtime win over the Miami Heat.  The team lost their All Start Point Guard, Rajon Rondo to a torn ACL and with that went their hopes of any kind of major post season run.  It’s not that the team doesn’t have other good players, but Rondo was a total game changer type of leader on that squad.

Rondo emerged as an unlikely superstar on a team full of superstars over the past 5 years and has become a polarizing player in the league.  As of this AM he is/was the NBA Assists Leader averaging a torrid pace of 11.1 per game.  Now the Celtics are going to greatly miss that kind of production from the offensive Quarterback.

As much as I never like to see any player go down to a major injury, (and I hope he has a full recovery) I’d be lying if I was secretly happy as a die hard Knicks Fan!  That being said, hopefully we will see Rondo back next year, because he really is a fun player to watch.


The Governor’s Ball

Los Angeles has Coachella. Chicago has Lollapalooza. Yet somehow New York, home to the original music festival – Woodstock – lacks a modern large-scale festival. But that could soon change, as The Governor’s Ball looks poised to fill that role. After a modest artist roster playing the event over the past two years, organizers have just released the massive lineup for the 2013 festival, which is topped by Kanye West and Kings of Leon,  with a third headliner still to be announced. The festival also promises a solid undercard lineup including Kendrick Lamar, Cut Copy, Miguel, Alt-J, and Japandroids just to name a few. The 3-day event takes place on June 7, 8, and 9 on Randall’s Island, and tickets go on sale Friday, January 25 at 12:00 PM here.



90′s Nostalgia Video by Microsoft

Microsoft put out this great piece of content to help us reminisce about growing up in the 90′s (just like they did).  It really was a nice trip down memory lane for people like me, who really lived it all at that time.  I like how they brought things full circle as they are desperately trying to win back marketshare for their Internet Explorer Product(s)!

Mashable picked it up and helped propel it to super viral status today and we thought we would share it along with their commentary for you!  Just CLICK The Troll and enjoy!


Throwback Thursday: The Carlton Dance

There might not be a more iconic show from the 1990′s than The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Not only did this show help really launch the career of one of the world’s best actors in Will Smith, but it also helped bring black and white audiences together for a show that both could really enjoy and relate to.  It was an even cooler, younger “The Cosby Show” and featured a famous rapper as the lead character, making it more of a first of its’ kind.

One of the most famous characters from the show was Carlton, the preppy cousin who grew up in Bel-Air.  On the show he launched a very viral popular culture meme (before memes really even existed at least online) with his infamous Carlton Dance.

If you ever watched the show it is an all time classic and I just felt compelled to share on this TBT (Throwback Thursday)  Enjoy!




A$AP-rocky-long-live-asap album cover

LONG.LIVE.A$AP is the debut studio album by rapper A$AP Rocky, the smooth and breezy rapper who’s known to break traditional codes and ignore regional boundaries with his sometimes chopped and screwed sound  and sometimes dank Midwest.  Despite the album’s release date being pushed back several times keeping everyone on edge to see if there was truly a bite behind the buzz, it was finally released on January 15, 2013 worldwide via Polo Grounds Music and RCA Records. Well the day has finally come and one week later…A$AP Rocky bows at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart selling 139,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan. So far…his current top five hit single on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart “F**kin’ Problems” featuring Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar has sold 854,000 downloads…making his multi-million-dollar record deal — the kind that hasn’t been handed out since 50 Cent‘s heyday a decade ago, a worthwhile investment.  Long Live A$AP Indeed!

Download the album here:$ap/id581997129





Need to find a flick to watch this weekend? Check out ”End of Watch” A found-footage tale of two LAPD officers who are pursued by the Mexican cartel, after the duo confiscates money, drugs and weapons from a house in Los Angeles.
Familiar faces Josh Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena lends themselves incredibly to this film  which they attributed to their in-depth role preparation where they spent months riding around with LAPD officers.The film shows the pair in action, with car  chases, shoot-outs and various unpleasant discoveries in innocent-looking  buildings. And they’re unequivocally good guys, serving the community even when  the community doesn’t deserve them. Definitely a must see…grab the dvd or get it on netflix..whatever you do…just press play!


I Have A Dream

I mean how can you start today without listening to these important words from such a great man?  A man of simple means who moved and changed history!  His strong delivery only surpassed by the even more powerful content of his message.

As the years pass since that day, it is so important to keep his message going and to make sure the younger generations still hear these words directly from the source.  We are still working on perfecting that dream, but oh how far we have come.  Thank you for taking a stand. RIP. Martin Luther King Jr.
Listen Here and share with others!