The Day Before The BIG Fight



Cain Velasquez is less than 30hrs away from fighting to get his title back in Las Vegas.  The vibe in the MGM is buzzing right now and you can feel a crazy energy in the air.

Every room key in the hotel is an advertisement for UFC155 and it is being talked about all throughout the venue.   They even constructed a mock octagon in the main lobby.



Cain did two phone interviews, a meet and greet with some contest winners and now he awaits the weigh in. After the weigh in he will go to dinner and then shut it down and go into a zone. When he returns to the MGM arena it will be time to go to work.

We will be “in his corner” rooting hard!




Macklemore Is Here…Finally!

Ben Haggerty, better known by his Stage Name Macklemore, has been tearing up the online music scene since early 2000.  Over the past decade he has released several mix tapes with countless gems included!

Macklemore is no stranger to overcoming obstacles; he battled several years with drug addiction before finally getting clean in 2008. In addition he received a lot of scrutiny for his public support of gay rights. Despite all the distractions, his long awaited studio album The Heist debuted #1 on the ITunes Download chart. His meaningful lyrics are a welcomed addition to the hip hop community.  Check out track #1 titled “Ten Thousand Hours”, and let us know your thoughts!



The Lebron Brand Bounce Back!

The new Lebron James Commercial for Samsung Galaxy is pure branding genius.  Lebron, arguably the greatest living basketball player is fresh off an NBA Title and trying to get back on the marketing map.  His reputation has taken a big hit after leaving Cleveland for Miami which made him go from the guy everyone loved to the guy everyone (outside of Miami) hated.

Samsung is aggressively going after their main competitor, the Apple iPhone to win some market share in the mobile phone space.  They partnered up with Lebron as his endorsement star is back on the rise after winning that ring last year.  They position this “day in the life” campaign that shows their many great features in use by a huge mega star doing every day things with his phone.


This “real” look into his world is a definite WIN from a branding standpoint for both Samsung and  Lebron James. It makes him seem more real, relate-able and approachable while still saying to the public “Hey Lebron uses it, so should you”!


In the end it makes me like both products more.  What more could a commercial ask for? If you haven’t seen it just click the image and enjoy!



Will You, Wii U?

If you are a real gamer then you will love the new Nintendo Wii U.  The independent game console will allow you to go mobile while still enjoying the Wii magic that got us all hooked years back.  Not only does it look great, but players will agree it has amazing functionality and flow.

“The Wii was such a simple concept; if you could waft your arms, you could play a game. The Wii U’s “asymmetrical gameplay” is more complex and after its initial announcement some gamers were left scratching their heads.  The flip side is that if you give it a chance, the more rich and varied gameplay will have you hooked for far longer”

This is on the top of many Christmas wish lists this year, so we thought we would share it with you today.  You still have one day to make it happen!  For the full product review click here!



How many Urban Footwear Brands can say they have been present for 20 years? Pretty cool that we can say we are getting ready to enter into our 20th year!
Back in early 1993, we were all getting ready for the launch of this new brand — at that time we were all using the full name, N.Y. Lug Company. Such buzz in the office, and excitement. We were planning to release two styles of boots, along with a pair of jeans, a flannel shirt and some hats.
As we started taking the boots out to get some feedback from kids – the big question was “where did the name come from”.
The first boot was a logger soled boot — with a “lug” sole. We are a New York based company. We are New York Lug Company!
But the kids didn’t want to say the whole name. As we spoke to kids in the New York area, they started calling it “NY Lugs” — Outside of the New York area, they went a step further and just saying “Lugs”. As a fashion company, “Lugs” was so generic. We didn’t just want to be an “outsole”— we wanted the name to reflect more. So we took it to the next level giving it our own style, and NY Lug Company became known as LUGZ.
Anyone remember this first print ad from 1993 — featured in the Source Magazine?

Check back as we remember the first Endorsers of Lugz — as we share some of the “behind the brand” with you.




So we’re in the final weeks of December, everyone is holding off on their Gym resolutions until after all the gingerbread cookies are gone. I for one have the absolute worse discipline when it comes to working out…and I’m sure some of you reading this do too. According to most personal trainers, one of the toughest things about getting in shape is getting started. I ran across this cool article in the 2013 winter issue of UFC Fit Magazine “From Arm Chair…to Arm Bar” that shared an amazing program to get any beginner to actually keep their New Year’s fitness resolutions using MMA training techniques. Of-course, having Team Lugz Member Phil Davis show us how is slightly unfair considering he has 0% body fat to begin with, but for some of us…watching him make it look easy just might get us started if we want our bodies to look anything like his. The UFC gym gives some key advice here on incorporating elements from MMA training into your own workout programs:

  1. Set aside 3 days for 3 weekly workouts, punctuated by a day of rest to allow for recovery (i.e, Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Here’s the breakdown:

     a)    Workout 1: Conditioning Circuit

     b)    Workout 2: Strength and Power

     c)    Workout 3: Conditioning Bag Work

  1. Mind your posture- “Always remember to start your workout with a good athletic stance”— says strength and conditioning UFC Gym coach Andy Hennebelle. This could be the make or break for you to continue your work-out routines pain free.
  2. Focus on Balance and Movement- “Be light on your feet for all movements and use force only when it is being produced”.
  3. Show some Swagger- “Have confidence about what you’re doing and approach your training like you’re a fighter”. The workout designed in this program could potentially overwhelm you so going in with that Fighter mannerism will be the key to getting it done.
  4. Follow Through and Give full Effort- “Finish all of your exercises, challenge yourself and test your physical limits” says Hennebelle. No one said it would be easy…but as with anything else in life…practice makes perfect…pushing through your workouts will increase your stamina and make climbing that fitness ladder way easier.


You can check out the entire workout plan and follow along by picking up your own copy of the UFC Fit Winter 2013 Issue(On stands now) and get your Swagger Back for 2013!