Even though Psys’ 15 minutes of fame has come and gone…I came across this really cool flip book animation of his most famous hit “Gangnam Style” that will blow your mind! Even if you consider the sheer talent it took to create this, imagine how painstakingly hard it must have been to sync each frame with the actual soundtrack. Check it out for yourself:




“It Takes Two” rapper Rob Base confirmed his longtime collaborator DJ E-Z Rock died on Sunday.

DJ E-Z Rock, whose real name is Rodney Bryce, was part of the Harlem duo Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock. The tandem produced the classic 1988 single, ‘It Takes Two,’ which can still get a party started just right no matter the occasion.The song became a nationwide hit and peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Songs chart. Their follow-up single, ‘Joy and Pain,’ which samples Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly’s song of the same name, was another club hit. The duo’s ‘Get on the Dance Floor,’ which samples the Jacksons’ ‘Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground), reached No. 1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Songs chart. Those three singles alone help the album achieved seven-times platinum status. A sad day for the hip hop community.



Today, February 6th…the Legendary Musician Bob Marley would have turned 69. Known for his uplifting and soothing melodies, his relatable sound unified many and created such a bond that we all felt as if we knew him personally. So many had tales of the Bob Marley not many of us got to know. Here are some interesting facts about the King of Reggae Music:

1. Bob Marley’s original name was Nesta Robert Marley but his middle and first name were swapped around to preserve his masculinity after a comment was made that Nesta was seen as a girl’s name. This was not the only thing which was noticeably different from his birth certificate. After Bob was born on 6th February 1945, it took his mother a while to finally get him officially registered, meaning the date on his birth certificate was incorrect, stating he was born on 6th April.

2. From the age of four it was discovered Bob Marley could read palms. When Cedella (Bob’s mother) first heard of this from relatives and neighbours she took it as a joke. These palm readings invariably came true, which left his mother quite shaken. When Bob was a lot older and returned to Kingston, a woman asked him to read her palm – he replied: “I’m not reading no more hand: I’m singing now.”

3. In Kingston Bob Marley was known by the natives as a “white boy”. This was due to his mixed raced origins being clearly visible in his facial skin. This made Bob feel very alienated although was a huge aid in helping him build up his confidence and self-esteem, turning him into the man he was.

4. When Bob was at school his best subject was mathematics. He didn’t stay in school for long though, and left at a young age when he managed to secure himself as an apprentice welder. After a dangerous injury in which a piece of metal flew into his eye, he decided to leave, ultimately for the whole world’s benefit.

5. After being arrested for possession of marijuana, the singer spent a month in prison, during which time he met many prisoners that he formed strong relationships with. These prisoners motivated him to write songs with a more political message.

6. The record label Tuff Gong was set up by Bob. It was named after his self-made nickname. This record label now boasts one of the largest audio recording facilities in the Caribbean.

7. Bob was well known for being a bit of a ladies man. Throughout his life he had an involvement in many different women’s lives. Several of these women bore him children – he had one main chat-up line: “Yuh wan have ma baby?” Apparently he used this a little bit too much.

8. Once he’d found success Marley became extremely generous with this money. Having grown up in a poor family in Jamaica he knew how difficult it was to get by. He decided to put his goodwill into practice by buying houses for friends and supported many of the poor in Jamaica.

9. A 1977 football injury led doctors to discover a malignant melanoma in Marley’s toe. They recommended amputation, but he refused for religious reasons. The tumour then spread, which ultimately caused his death.

10. When Bob was terminally ill he wanted to end his days in Jamaica, but unfortunately, on the Germany to Jamaica journey, didn’t make it past Miami. Ever the romantic, he was buried on home turf along with a soccer ball, his Gibson Les Paul guitar, and a bud of marijuana.

Credit: Jess Longstaff


Thursday Flub: Tony Parker

Tony Parker…an 80 percent free-throw shooter baffled everyone on Wednesday night, when he attempted to take a technical free throw shot only to look like a 2 year old’s first time throwing a basketball. His aborted attempt at a free throw during the third quarter of the San Antonio Spurs’ matchup with the Chicago Bulls, made everyone watching think they were the victim of the Ashton Kutcher series “Pranked”. Whatever the explanation (could he have felt a sneeze coming on? Did monsters from “space jam” take his talent?) Referee James Capers seemed to think it was radically not like Parker, to give him another crack at his technical freebie, which he did in fact knock down. Unfortunately, his team could not knock down the bulls, but we did witness a day in Flub history. Check it out below:


An Outkast Reunion for 2014?

Who’s ready for an Outkast reunion? I know I am, that’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted Big Boi and Andre 3000(also known as Three Stacks) on instagram in a series of photos after the duo attended Kanye’s concert at the Philips Arena.

It’s now been 7 years since Idlewild’s debut and the duo’s last public performance. Over that period of time, Big Boy has kept busy- releasing the Sir Lucious Left Foot and the underrated Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. Meanwhile, Three Stacks has been in an ever evolving state of retirement in which he pops in and out to make guest appearances on songs that left folks scratching their heads(cue “Walk it out” and “Deuces”). If these photos are just a casual reuniting between the duo, that’s cool. But if it represents more, like a full album of Outkast goodness…then I’m all eyes and ears!



Dave Chapelle inspires Prince

Prince releases the cover art for 'Breakfast Can Wait' featuring Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince. If this image looks familiar, it is because it comes from Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Central skit called  ‘Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories – Prince’ where  he appears in a curly wig, purple ruffled blouse and wearing black eyeliner in  order to depict the purple rain singer. It was an extremely hilarious sketch that went down as one of the shows most memorable. So memorable in-fact that Prince selected a photo of Dave Chappelle dressed in character, holding a plate of pancakes for the cover art of his new single “breakfast can wait” on Twitter Friday along with a youtube video including a  snippet of the song.

Although its surprising to see this comical side of Prince, it’s even more surprising to see Prince take to the online social media network. After showing his disapproval for online sharing of his music including twitters Vine app after hearing his music in some of their 6-second  videos, he’s now delighting fans with live video links to performances as well as share photos for his musical projects. Now if  only we could find Dave Chappelle to thank him for this new light hearted side of Prince.

Listen to the snippet here:



From 1991, Lollapalooza has tried to focus on one thing – that their festival is for the fans.
And they are ready to prove it again, beginning August 2-4 in the legendary city of Chicago in the greenspaces of Grant Park (their home since 2005).

As the festival has grown up, it’s also grown out — now spanning over 115 acres, multiple stages, and an ever-more diverse array of 130+ artists from hip-hop, electronica, reggae, indie, rock, modern roots, and many more. You can go from listening to Steve Aoki, over to Kendrick Lamar and back to Mumford & Sons.
Fans can find a place to park their bicycle, hit the farmers market, grab some gourmet grub, peruse handmade arts and crafts, get rewarded for recycling and – of course – rock out to some of the best music in the world.

Check out the 3-day event and schedule here:


Rich Gang

On Tuesday,  YMCMB released their first compilation album. Some would question what took so long for the labels that have been dropping #1 Hits for the last three years to put something together.  Well the wait is over and Rich Gang will surely provide the radio with a few hits and the clubs in every part of the country will have some party bangers to blast off like Million Dollar and the already #1 Hit Tapout. The album has some other heavy hitters besides the YMCMB crew like: Rick Ross, Chris Brown French Montana and Future.

If you are looking for some new music to get you through the summer jump over to iTunes and download Rich Gang


Magna Sales…HOLY GRAIL!

It’s been exactly one week and a half since Jay Z dropped his latest album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” and he hasn’t wasted any time breaking records.The numbers are in, and Magna Carta clocked 14 million full album streams in the U.S. alone, easily topping recent record-setting releases from Mumford & Sons (8 million) and Daft Punk (9.5 million). It’s not that we didn’t know he would shatter sales…after all Samsung did decide to buy 1 million copies of his album upfront. While some may say that’s an unfair advantage…Spotify begs to differ in that  Jay Z presumptuously earned over 1 million in royalties via their listeners alone( low 6 figures if you consider the unpaid tiers). If you hated his boasting on his last album, now the rapper can boast another best: the most first-week streams of any album in Spotify’s history. After having such a great year in music with ”Watch the Throne” and producing the amazing track list for “The Great Gatsby”, Jay Z has definitely set the bar immeasurably high! Are you listening to M.C.H.G?


The Fifth Element

Most hard core Hip Hop fans can rattle off the four elements of Hip Hop (Emcee-DeeJay-BBoy-Graffiti), but even those well versed may argue to add a fifth element and it be “Beat Boxing”. The art/skill of the human beat box played a major roll in the early days of Hip Hop. If there was a kid that could beat box a rap cipher could take place at the drop of a dime. So the beat boxer was the DJ in those moments. The human beat box also made it to wax and provided the main beat for some classics: La Di Da Di (1985) and Make the Music with Your Mouth Biz (1988).

Well if it is officially adopted as the fifth element or not it’s a throwback art form of Hip Hop that continues to amaze people. Tom Thum recently participated in TEDxSydney and in front of a packed house at the Sydney Opera House he killed it. He even incorporated vocals into his performance and really put on a one man show.