Today, February 6th…the Legendary Musician Bob Marley would have turned 69. Known for his uplifting and soothing melodies, his relatable sound unified many and created such a bond that we all felt as if we knew him personally. So many had tales of the Bob Marley not many of us got to know. Here are some interesting facts about the King of Reggae Music:

1. Bob Marley’s original name was Nesta Robert Marley but his middle and first name were swapped around to preserve his masculinity after a comment was made that Nesta was seen as a girl’s name. This was not the only thing which was noticeably different from his birth certificate. After Bob was born on 6th February 1945, it took his mother a while to finally get him officially registered, meaning the date on his birth certificate was incorrect, stating he was born on 6th April.

2. From the age of four it was discovered Bob Marley could read palms. When Cedella (Bob’s mother) first heard of this from relatives and neighbours she took it as a joke. These palm readings invariably came true, which left his mother quite shaken. When Bob was a lot older and returned to Kingston, a woman asked him to read her palm – he replied: “I’m not reading no more hand: I’m singing now.”

3. In Kingston Bob Marley was known by the natives as a “white boy”. This was due to his mixed raced origins being clearly visible in his facial skin. This made Bob feel very alienated although was a huge aid in helping him build up his confidence and self-esteem, turning him into the man he was.

4. When Bob was at school his best subject was mathematics. He didn’t stay in school for long though, and left at a young age when he managed to secure himself as an apprentice welder. After a dangerous injury in which a piece of metal flew into his eye, he decided to leave, ultimately for the whole world’s benefit.

5. After being arrested for possession of marijuana, the singer spent a month in prison, during which time he met many prisoners that he formed strong relationships with. These prisoners motivated him to write songs with a more political message.

6. The record label Tuff Gong was set up by Bob. It was named after his self-made nickname. This record label now boasts one of the largest audio recording facilities in the Caribbean.

7. Bob was well known for being a bit of a ladies man. Throughout his life he had an involvement in many different women’s lives. Several of these women bore him children – he had one main chat-up line: “Yuh wan have ma baby?” Apparently he used this a little bit too much.

8. Once he’d found success Marley became extremely generous with this money. Having grown up in a poor family in Jamaica he knew how difficult it was to get by. He decided to put his goodwill into practice by buying houses for friends and supported many of the poor in Jamaica.

9. A 1977 football injury led doctors to discover a malignant melanoma in Marley’s toe. They recommended amputation, but he refused for religious reasons. The tumour then spread, which ultimately caused his death.

10. When Bob was terminally ill he wanted to end his days in Jamaica, but unfortunately, on the Germany to Jamaica journey, didn’t make it past Miami. Ever the romantic, he was buried on home turf along with a soccer ball, his Gibson Les Paul guitar, and a bud of marijuana.

Credit: Jess Longstaff


Guess Who

You’ve come a long way baby!  Check out some of these heavy hitters to see what they looked like at a young age….

This energetic party rapper, out of Atlanta, is known for “Get Low” and “Yeah.  In addition to also acting, he was pretty successful during his two stints on “Celebrity Apprentice”…He continually tops Forbes Wealthiest People List.  His current job description lists him as Chairman of Microsoft…

Radio Personality, TV Host and Producer – Catch him when the ball drops on New Years Eve!

Actor, Film Director and Producer – Academy Award and Golden Globe Winner.  But bigger than that – twice he was voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive!

Rolling Stone named her “Queen of Pop”, her devout followers call her “Mother Monster”, and she refers to her fans as “Little Monsters”.  This pop singer continually reinvents her sound and image…

OK give up?  Here are the answers:

Lil John





Bill Gates





Ryan Seacrest

George Clooney

AND Lady Gaga




Many of you remember that Funk Master Flex was the first Lugz endorser to have his own signature shoe – THE FMF DRIVING SHOE. And this ad above featured his first shoe out in the series – the FMF-1 Driving Shoe.

But let’s backtrack a little to how it all happened: Between being the hottest DJ in New York, to spinning at the hottest parties – Flex was wearing Lugz. So why not feature Flex in our advertising. His first print ad with Lugz appeared in 2001…

In 2002, he not only appeared in a second print, but he also scored the music for one of our more memorable TV spots. Be sure to check out the tv spot on the Lugz website – you’ll find it in our History Section, 2002 – the “Arrow”.

In addition to all this, he was pursuing his passion for cars – custom cars! Collecting them – Putting on Custom Car Shows. So why not give him a custom Lugz! One to wear while he was driving one of his many cars from his collection. So we did – 2003 – the FMF Driving Shoe was born!


20 Years Later….

Lugz will be 20 years old this October! Which had us thinking what was happening 20 years ago when the brand was launched:

Bill Clinton was President of the United States
Average Yearly Income- $31,230.00
Average Cost of a New House – $113,200.00
Average Monthly Rent – $532.00
Interest Rates – 6%
Cost of a gallon of gas $1.16
Movie Ticket was an average of $4.14
Average Cost of a New Car $12,750.00
Loaf of Bread – $1.57
Tuition to Harvard University – $23,514.00
Launch of Beanie Babies
Harley Davidson Motorcycles turned 90 years old
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday was observed in all 50 states for the first time!
Jurassic Park was released.
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) was released
Cheers ended with its 274th episode – their first episode aired in 1982.
Michael Jordon scored his 20,000 career point



Let’s go back to 1988 – when the pilot episode of “Yo! MTV Raps” was aired. Hosted by Run-DMC, featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, this pilot was one of the highest rated programs to ever air on MTV at that point! Eric B. & Rakim’s video for the title track of the album “Follow the Leader” was the first video to be shown.

With the success of the pilot, Yo! MTV Raps began running a daily two-hour video program on August 6, 1988 – lasting until August 1995! Hosts for weekdays were Doctor Dre’ and Ed Lover. Fab 5 Freddy hosted weekend.

Yo! MTV Raps was crucial in the late 1980’s to help create a worldwide appreciation and interest in the hip-hop scene. Everyone was able to tune in to see rap videos, interviews with hip-hop artists and even live in-studio performances on Fridays.

We couldn’t get enough of it. And we loved the hosts – so much that they became part of the Lugz family. Here’s one of the ads that Doctor Dre’ and Ed Lover appeared in for Lugz.



So many of you remember that Erick Sermon was our first endorser.  And over the years we’ve had many other great endorsers from the music world.  In more recent years, you probably remember Funk Master Flex and his collection of driving shoe, or Baby aka Birdman, with his sneaker “Birdman” or boot “Hoodrich”. 

But how many of you remember all the true legends of Hip Hop that have worked with us over the years?  Check out some of them below:

In Spring 1999,  From the mind and mouth of the man who considers himself Hip-Hop manifested as KRS-One, comes a ridiculously hot but still conscience radio spot. Where the teacher, scholar, and poet urges you to “wake up”.  Listen to the radio spot –

KRS-1, also returned to his roots.  Here is another side of Kris many of you did not know. Check out this ill tag from hip-hop’s cultural ambassador. This was the first in a series of Lugz print ads that gave props to the origins and the essence of Hip- Hop.



Fall 1997
Hip Hop Pioneer Chubb Rock joins the Lugz Family in his first in a series of radio commercials.  You can listen here –

He also decided to feature four different looks of Lugz on his Kill The Beef! Album Cover.

 Holiday 1997
Snoop Lion (back in 1997, he still went by the name of Snoop Doggy Dogg) did a series of print shoots for Lugz.  We absolutely love this one, and the story behind it.

Snoop couldn’t resist this little beauty of a car when he saw someone drive up to the convenience store he was in. He had to buy it on the spot!  Here he shows off his car, his Lugz and his great view of the mountains from his house.






Holiday 1997 Legendary Rakim shared a moment with us at the Museum for African Art, New York City.



Fall 1998
Dre and Big Boi represent for the ATL. 

What y’all really know about the Dirty South? Listen to this spot with Outkast and they just might tell you.




 Holiday 1998

De La Soul not only did a great radio spot for us, but did print along with music for our tv commercial.

You always know to expect something different from the Soul and that’s what you get from this spot. Maseo, Pos, and Dove put it down lovely.

Check out the History Section on to see all the great artists that we have been fortunate enough to work with over the last 20 years! 



Who remembers our grunge loving character LOU from the early years of Lugz?



Lou was always in some sort of trouble – whether it was watching Killerbands, eating Corndogs or stomping on Prom Queens.  One thing was for certain – he did Love his Lugz!  And it was always an adventure hearing what he was up to.


Here are some of the “Best of Lou” radio spots.  You judge for yourself!

1994 – Can’t Get in w/Homeboy Jeff

1994 – Killerband

1994 – Lou’s lil brother is a dork no more!

1994 – Catch Lou reminiscing about “Venus in Leather”!

1995 – How much Lou loves Lugz!

1995 – Lou gets a new tattoo -

1996 – Keep the healthy granola; Lou prefers Corn Dogs –

1996 – Space Cadet Lou, back from Uranus –



Who remembers the animated series that Lugz was a part of – way back in 2000?

FORTY AND SHORTY! If this hasn’t jogged your memory…let’s re-introduce them:

Forty and Shorty were two 13-year old misfit friends, one black and one white, who lived across the street from each other. One in the ghetto and the other in a trailer park. Week to week on this animated webisode, you witnessed their adventures and were introduced to “unique” family members.

This was a great project to be a part of. We got to work with the amazing actor/producer Claude Brooks, who Co-Created and Executive Produced the web series as well as being the voice of Forty!


Yes, Forty is rocking his Lugz!




As we reminisce about the last 20 years of the brand – one of the things that we think about, and are proud to share with you, is the amount of films that Lugz has been involved in.  We have had some great friendships and working relationships with some of the best Directors, Producers, Actors and of course, the Wardrobe Stylists.  So many films we have been invited to; our list still impresses us!

I’ve selected a few of my favorite to share with you –

HE GOT GAMEA Spike Lee Film – Who wasn’t rooting for Jesus Shuttleworth?  A son of a convicted fellon, with so much talent on the court.  The problem is that his father had one thing on his mind – get Jesus to sign with a big state college and receive a reduced sentence.  Check out Ray Allen sporting his Lugz Shirt!


THE CORNER – 6 part HBO MINI-SERIES - A year in the life of an inner city neighborhood – a true story showing a family living in poverity amid open-air drug markets in West Baltimore.  This was difficult watching their struggles with little light at the end of the tunnel.  Charles Dutton did an amazing job capturing every gritty detail – and we thank him for allowing us to be a part of this film.


ME MYSELF AND IRENE – On a much lighter note – how funny is Jim Carrey?! Playing a Rhode Island State Trooper with multi-personalities – who just loves his boys!  Check out our friend Anthony Anderson wearing his blue zip up Lugz Shirt.



THE NEPHEW -  A young bi-racial American travels to Ireland following the death of his mother, to meet her family.  The young star – is Hill Harper.  You can see him sporting several Lugz Apparel pieces.


NOTORIOUS – The story of the late, great Christopher Wallace – aka Notorious B.I.G.  We were very fortunate that we had the opportunity to work with Biggie – and were honored to be included in the film.