I ran across this article recently, and it definitely was an eye opener.  How much we are paying these days for everything.  I sometimes think I sound like my parents now – but seriously, these increases are crazy!  Here’s an interesting chart showing what folks paid in 1963 vs. what we pay now (average costs).  Take a look:

Bottle of Coke/Soda (a single serving – can or bottle)
Then: $ 0.05
Now: $ 1.50

McDonalds Big Mac (yes, they existed back in 1963)
Then: $ 0.28
Now: $ 3.99

Minimum Hourly Wage
Then: $ 1.25
Now: $ 7.25

Average Annual Income
Then: $ 4,396.00
Now: $44,321.00

Movie Ticket
Then: $ 0.85
Now: $ 8.05

Then: $ 3,100.00
Now: $31,000.00

Baseball Player Contract
Then: $100,000.00
Now: $240 million

I need to go look for a part time job now!


We Can’t Always Win!

Ok, there are some A-list actors out there that you just assume have won an Oscar or two, but really, film’s most prestigious of awards has escaped even some of the most A-list of A-list performers. Yes, we know, being nominated for an Academy Award is a fine honor, however I don’t know about you – but I want to win!

What we have here, courtesy of Buzz60, is a list of five unlucky people, 39 nominations between them, and no wins whatsoever. Here’s a breakdown:

Glenn Close, from 1987′s Fatal Attraction has been nominated six times.

Brad Pitt, who magnificently played Lt. Aldo Raine in Inglourious Basterds, has been nominated five times. Maybe he could get his first on March 2 for 12 Years a Slave.

Tom Cruise, a.k.a., Ethan Hunt, has been nominated three times.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated five times.  Nominated for his performance in The Wolf of Wall Street, can DiCaprio win his first on March 2?

Sound mixer, Kevin O’Connell, (Armageddon, Transformers, Pearl Harbor) has been nominated 20 times without winning.

Check out the Oscars on March 2 to see if either DiCaprio or Pitt can break their unlucky streak.



One month into my new year resolution and I’m trying to stay on course and eat right, exercise when I can, get enough sleep – and like all of us, sometimes find this difficult to do.  But the one thing I always can do is drink a lot of water, and I’ve always heard that adding lemon in your water not only makes it taste better but there are health benefits. Actually ten of them – which are:

1. Boosts your immune system

2. Balances pH

3. Helps with weight loss

4. Lemon water aids digestion

5. Is a diuretic

6. Clears skin

7. Freshens breath

8. Relieves respiratory problems

9. Keeps you zen

10. Helps kick the coffee habit

BUT I’ve been wondering about the germs on those lemon wedges that are thrown into my water glasses when I’m out enjoying my meal in a restaurant – Sorry I asked!  Read this articleNo more lemon wedges for me



Since Wednesday, there has been a new show on Broadway – and it’s the biggest and brightest!  Welcome to Super Bowl Boulevard.

 For 13 long amazing blocks, running on Broadway from 34th to 47th Street, the “Boulevard” is the epicenter for NFL fans during Super Bowl XLVIII celebrating all things football.  Some of the amazing things you’ll find – running January 29-February 1:

Super Bowl Virtual Theatre A visual celebration of football – You can catch this spectacular video show nightly on the façade of the famous Macy’s storefront at Herald Square – 5:30 pm running for 10 minutes every 30 minutes until 9:30.

Autograph and Concert Stage Between 39th and 40th Street – the stage will offer free autographs from some of your favorite NFL stars from 12:00 to 5:00 pm:  8:00 pm the stage will feature some of the best talent New York has to offer.

Toboggan Run Between 40th and 41st Street – from 12:00 to 10:00 pm – 60 feet tall and 180 feet long – take a ride on this 8 lane Toboggan Run!  Tickets are $5.00 per ride – this one is awesome!

Roman Numerals Between 42nd and 43rd Street – 12:00 to 10:00 pm – Everyone wants this iconic background for the perfect photo!

Vince Lombardi Trophy Display Between 43rd and 44th Street – 12:00 to 10:00 pm – The most prestigious Football award, a true ran definitely won’t want to miss getting this Vince Lombardi Trophy on film!

Tons of booths are all over with some great food too.  What more could you ask for – Football, Food, Entertainment and Fun – all in one place!


What Will Be Your Favorite Commercial?

It’s that time of year – everyone gathering around their TV for the Big Game, some anticipating the commercials as much as the Football!

To refresh your memory – here’s a link to the NFL’s recap from last year’s commercials:

Now on to 2014 – We got a sneak peek to the list of advertisers at this year’s Super Bowl Game – who do you think will be the winner?

Anheuser-Busch – So we hear they will have five ads running – three for Bud Light and two for Budweiser.  Two of the Bud-Light ads will feature celebrities and introduce a new tagline “The Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens”.  The third Bud Light spot will promote a new aluminum bottle.  One Budweiser ad will bring back the Clydesdale trainer from last year’s well-received “brotherhood” commercial and spotlight a bond between a Clydesdale and a puppy.  And the second Budweiser spot will pay tribute to soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

Audi of America (Volkswagen) – One spot in the first ad break after the third quarter kick-off!  The only tip we got is that the ad will promote the new Audi A3.

Axe – One ad.  Axe has released a 60-second version of its planned Super Bowl ad, depicting a series of soldiers and tyrants turning toward love.  But will this be the 30 second version we will see?

Butterfinger – One spot in the second half to promote the new Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups.  But don’t look for longtime mascot Bart Simpson.  We hear the Simpson’s regular won’t be included in this spot.

Cheerios – One commercial in the first unscheduled time out of the game.  We haven’t heard any creative info yet.

Chobani – Their first time advertising in the Super Bowl – they will have one spot.  A new campaign will be released, but we don’t have any other information.

Coca-Cola – They are returning back to the Super Bowl – but top secret as to their plans!  The only thing we did hear is that their advertising “would be all about celebrating American Society and Coca-Cola’s role within it”

Doritos – Two spots will be chosen through the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, back for the 8th year in a row – but open for the first time to entries from people in all 46 countries where the chips are sol.  Consumers will choose one user-generated spot; Doritos Marketing Team will select the other.

GoDaddy – Two spots – one in each half.  And we hear that Danica Patrick, race car driver and longtime GoDaddy endorser, will appear in one spot, possibly both.

H&M – One ad in the second quarter featuring David Beckham.  Pretty cool, it will allow viewers with certain Samsung Smart TV’s to use their remote controls to engage with the commercial and buy products from Mr. Beckham’s Bodywear Line.

Hyundai Motor America – Appearing in their 7th consecutive Super Bowl, Hyundai will feature two commercials during the game.  No info yet on creative.

Intuit – One spot in the third quarter.  And for those of us that don’t know who Intuit is – they make financial and tax prep software such as Quicken and TurboTax.

Jaguar – First time to the party, they will be running a 60-second spot (initially a 30-second commercial, but needed more time for their story).   Promoting the new F-Type, this spot will star British actors Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong as a trio of British villains.  Could be pretty cool.

Kia – Making its 5th consecutive Super Bowl outing, the spot or spots (has not been disclosed yet) will help introduce its new K900 flagship sedan in the United States.

M & M’s – One spot – with no information yet.  I’m happy out little guys will be back for their third consecutive appearance at the Super Bowl.

Oikos – We have only heard that they will be running one spot.  No creative info released – and we haven’t heard if John Stamos will be included in the ad.

Paramount Pictures – One spot to promote “Transformers: Age of Extinction”

Pepsi – The will have two ads, but no information has been released as to the creative.  But remember, PepsiCo is a key sponsor of the NFL and is sponsoring this year’s Halftime Show for the second year in a row.

SodaStream – One spot in the fourth quarter, that is promising to be an “edgy ad” featuring Scarlett Johansson.  The theme – “better bubbles made by you”.

Squarespace – One ad – no info yet.  Again, for those of us that are not familiar with Squarespace, they describe themselves as a design-centric website platform.

Toyota – One spot – the only thing we know about this one is that they will be promoting the Toyota Highlander

TurboTax  – One spot in the second quarter.  Campaign is entitled “It’s Amazing What You’re Capable Of”, meant to celebrate hard working Americans.

Volkswagen – One spot with no info yet.  However, Volkswagen has a habit of releasing its Super Bowl ads, or at least teasers for its ads, ahead of time.  So we’ll be looking out.

Wonderful Pistachios – Two spots in the second quarter.  Theme – “Get Crackin’, America” – both spots starring Stephen Colbert.



As fast as technology is moving, it’s understandable how things we know today will fade away.  Check out this list of things that kids born this year may never know:

The Post Office – Yes kids, instead of email, someone use to come all the way to your house just to drop a bunch of ads into a box on the front porch!

Parking Meters – Imagine that you use to have to pay for parking by putting coins into a little steel box on a pole.  Bank Tellers – Instead of digitally depositing or withdrawing money, people use to actually visit a bank branch to do this.

Paper Checks – And while having to travel to this bank, they also would write an amount of money on a piece of paper.  Once signed, it magically became the same as making your own paper money.

Paper Statements – Trees had to give their lives to those that refused to go digital (that alone is hard to believe).  Being mailed to that box on the front porch again.

Cable TV – crazy as it seems, there use to be a wire running all the way downtown to bring entertainment into the house.  Judging by the price, you would have thought it contained a cure for cancer!

Toll Booths – Imagine you use to have to stop at a booth and either throw money in a basket or hand it to someone.

Phone Booths – There was a time before everyone had a wireless phone – and there used to be a little glass room on street corners where you’d go in and use coins to make a call.

Newspapers – In those days before everyone had computers at home and in their pockets, printing presses made paper versions of websites.  People would then drive around and throw them on your front lawn.

Books and Bookstores – Books were a physical version of e-books made out of paper.  People would actually go to a retail “Bookstore” to buy these books.

Car Keys – you would need an actual key to insert into a keyhole in the doors and dashboard to unlock and start the car. 

DVD’s – There was a time before movies were delivered online, they would come on discs you’d stick into your computer or a player attached to your tv. 

Fax Machines – These antique devises would transmit a piece of paper to another fax machine anywhere in the world.  It worked over phone lines.

Phone Lines – Before wireless (yes, another crazy thought), calls were carried on wires.  Like power wires, they were strung everywhere and stopped working during snow and ice storms.

Cursive Handwriting – You would have to pick up a pen or pencil and actually write things by hand.  Not only that, but the letters of each word were all connected in such a way that it was often impossible to decipher!

Camcorders – Before HD video cameras became standard in phones, you had to buy a separate device if you wanted video selfies.

Blind Dates – Way back, people were actually forced to meet one another any way they could, including being introduced to friends of friends.  It was awkward!  There was no way to IM, text, exchange pics or otherwise communicate before actually meeting.  And it always seemed that people you met this way usually were not as good looking as you!



Guess Who

You’ve come a long way baby!  Check out some of these heavy hitters to see what they looked like at a young age….

This energetic party rapper, out of Atlanta, is known for “Get Low” and “Yeah.  In addition to also acting, he was pretty successful during his two stints on “Celebrity Apprentice”…He continually tops Forbes Wealthiest People List.  His current job description lists him as Chairman of Microsoft…

Radio Personality, TV Host and Producer – Catch him when the ball drops on New Years Eve!

Actor, Film Director and Producer – Academy Award and Golden Globe Winner.  But bigger than that – twice he was voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive!

Rolling Stone named her “Queen of Pop”, her devout followers call her “Mother Monster”, and she refers to her fans as “Little Monsters”.  This pop singer continually reinvents her sound and image…

OK give up?  Here are the answers:

Lil John





Bill Gates





Ryan Seacrest

George Clooney

AND Lady Gaga



2013 Top Ten TV Shows

We all have our favorites, and we can all agree that 2013 had been a good year for TV.  But did your favorite make the list.  According to US Weekly’s TV critic John Griffith, here is his round up of the top 10 TV Shows of the year.

10.  Bates Motel  (A&E) Awesome Psycho prequel

9.  Behind the Candelabra  (HBO) Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon playing his drugged-out boy toy, were definitely TV’s couple of the year.

8.  The Walking Dead  (AMC) Zombie Drama – enough said!

7.  House of Cards  (Netflix) Kevin Spacey adept turn as a sly congressman makes this drama bingworthy.

6.  30 Rock  Hope you didn’t miss the final season – where Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) found love!

5.  Scandal (ABC) Soapy Politcal Drama riveted with “What’s Next” chills.

4.  The Good Wife  (CBS) Badass lawyer Alica (Julianna Margulies) opting for power over friends giving this drama new sizzle.

3.  Orphan Black  (BBC America) The thriller’s Tatianna Maslany captivated as seven clones marked for death.

2.  Breaking Bad  (AMC) This season finally went out with an unflinching bang.

 1.  Mad Men  (AMC) This 60′s drama star, ad-man Don Draper (John Hamm) finally owned up to his shady past!





If you’re anything like me – you have go to be exhausted! I love this time of year, but too much to do for the Holidays.  The one thing I don’t have to worry about anymore is what boots to wear after abusing my feet with all the shopping I’ve been doing.

Ladies, check out this KIMI boot from Lugz – and Guys, how good would your Lady look wearing these with her leggings.  The studs just dress everything up.  And the fur lining is awesome.

If studs aren’t your thing, what about the MAHALA ..

I love the “sweater” look – plus it also has the fur lining!

So now that you’re done shopping for everyone else Ladies, time to take care of yourself!  Go to and check out the entire Ladies Line.




Tips on How to Survive Your Company Party!

Okay – so it’s that time of year that we should be happy about going to parties and spreading the cheer.  BUT then again, it’s with our co-workers and bosses!

Scary ground here – have a drink, let loose, have some fun; but not too much because the rumors will be flying around tomorrow!  So, here’s a list to help you have fun, but not get fired!

Two Drink Maximum – Yes, really.  We know this is not what you want to hear – especially if there’s an open bar – drinks are free flowing and shots are being tossed down.  But one shot will lead to another and trust me, bad things will happen!  Save this for when you’re out with your boys (or girls).

Show Up to Work the Next Day – Company parties always end up on a weekday.  Keeps costs down.  So if you listen to Rule One, then this Rule should be no problem.  But if you choose to not listen to Rule One, just suck it up!  Bosses look for who isn’t showing up the next day.  Plus, gives everyone the opportunity to talk about how drunk you were the night before!

Pig Out – This you can do.  If you’re not drinking, you’re going to feel deprived.  So make it up at the buffet table.  Overindulge.  Everyone else is probably getting drunk anyway – so no one is going to notice how many times you go back for more.  Desserts usually rock at these parties!

Dress Up – Come on guys – you can put on a jacket or at least a nice button down.  And ladies, please NO Christmas Sweaters, or those dangle mistletoe or bell earrings!  Classy with a little sex thrown in always looks good!

No Kissing – Again – if we listen to Rule One, this rule should be easy to follow.  Remember when you don’t listen to Rule One, usually you love everyone, and this happens.  Not good!  Especially if the boss’s wife is there!

 “Social”media-ize  – If everyone listens to these rules, there should be no problem – but we know people can’t help themselves and will be doing some crazy things!  So what to do ….. A little Instagram can make things interesting!  Pop it up on Facebook and Tag Them!  It actually may help them in the morning to remember what happened at the party!

No Work Talk – Whether you do or don’t – at least act like you have a life outside of the office!  Talk about anything but work!  And when you’re around the bosses, ask about the kids, their parents, their spouses – anything to get them talking.  They’ll think you really care.  What a guy!  So when it comes time for department cutbacks, they just may feel a little bad letting go of someone the really like!  Always plan ahead.